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Two senior positions in extragalactic distance scale

Applications are invited for 2 senior positions at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Academy of Sciences (CAMK PAN), in Warsaw, Poland, in the field of extragalactic distance scale. CAMK PAN is the leading astrophysical institute in Poland, hosting about 50 staff researchers and 30 PhD students. CAMK PAN scientists participate in many international projects.



Job description

Successful applicants will work with the Araucaria Group led by Prof. Grzegorz Pietrzyński (https://araucaria.camk.edu.pl). The positions will be funded from the European Research Council Synergy grant - “Sub-percent calibration of the extragalactic distance scale in the era of big surveys”. The main goal of the project is to improve the calibration of the extragalactic distance scale. The UniverScale project presents a novel and unique application of several expertise from very different fields of astrophysics from studies of nearby stars (interferometry, parallaxes, astrometric binaries), Cepheids, through galaxies (eclipsing binaries, IRSB method, Cepheids) up to cosmology (SN Ia, AGNs, Hubble constant).


We are seeking for independent researchers motivated to work with the Araucaria team on ongoing data-driven projects and to implement new programs related to cosmic distances. Our observing projects are based on ground based and cosmic data, so expertise in reduction and analysis of photometric and spectroscopic data from ground and space (HST, JWST) is required. Experience in instrumental astronomy would be an additional asset.


Preferred starting date for both positions is 1st November 2024 but is to some extent negotiable.

We offer excellent working conditions and a very competitive salary.


Number of available positions: 2

Time and form of engagement: employment contract for 3 years with a possibility of extension. The positions may also turn into a permanent contract.

Place of employment: CAMK PAN, Warsaw, Poland



The Araucaria Group has access to all telescopes located in Chile. It also operates in Chile a dedicated observatory – Cerro Murphy Observatory, which hosts 5 small telescopes (0.6-1.5m), located by the construction place of the 40-m ELT. Exceptional weather conditions make this observatory an excellent tool for long term monitoring of variety of distance indicators. In 2025, a 2.5 m telescope is scheduled to be constructed in the observatory, together with several modern instruments, within the framework of the ERC project. Therefore, candidates with observing / instrumental skills would find an excellent environment for their scientific development.


CAMK PAN is the leading astrophysical institute in Poland, hosting about 50 staff researchers and 30 PhD students. CAMK PAN scientists participate in many international projects. The research lines in CAMK, possibilities to develop career for young researchers, and life at the institute are presented in three movies available here.


CAMK PAN is an equal-opportunity employer and supports equal opportunities and diversity in its personnel policy.


The successful applicant will be offered an employment contract with excellent salary and working conditions. The employment contract embraces social security, public medical care, and participation in national pension scheme as well as access to non-public medical care and sports activities co-financed by the employer. She/he can also profit from the relocation costs reimbursement scheme according to CAMK PAN internal rules.


The successful applicant who is not citizen of a member country of the European Union must keep in mind that, prior to signing the contract, she/he must obtain a residence and work permit or visa (according to rules established between Poland and the country of the applicant origin).


Requirements to be met by candidates include the following:

1) PhD degree for at least 6 years,

2) proven publication record,

3) experience in the field of photometric and spectroscopic data,

4) experience in space data analysis

5) experience in astronomical instrumentation for at least 6 years,

6) experience in scientific team management,

7) excellent command of English.


The selection criteria include (equally weighted):

  1. qualifications,

  2. professional experience (including informally acquired experience) and experience in supervising scientific research conducted by junior colleagues,

  3. mobility related to scientific, management and teaching experience (if applicable).


Applying candidates should submit the following documents (in pdf format):

  1. copy of the PhD diploma and/or the document certifying professor title (if applicable);

  2. motivation letter;

  3. short statement (up to 1 page) of research achievements;

  4. research plan for 3 years;

  5. two reference letters (provided by email)

  6. scientific curriculum vitae detailing research, teaching and organisational activities and a list of publications including the most important ones published after the award of the PhD

  7. signed GDPR information clause available here (format PDF),

  8. optionally, other documents proving the fulfilment of the competition criteria,


The above mentioned documents should be submitted by e-mail with a subject “UniverScale Senior position ” to recruitment@camk.edu.pl  by 15th June 2024, 23:59 CET as the latest.

Questions about the position can be sent to: pietrzyn@camk.edu.pl


The selection of candidates will be executed by a 3-member selection committee in accordance with the “Resolution of the Scientific Council of the Copernicus Astronomical Centre of the Polish Science Academy (CAMK PAN) on establishing the regulations for the competition for positions of scientific employees at CAMK PAN”.


The review of applications will begin soon after the deadline and continue until the position is filled.

Complaints on the competition results shall be presented by e-mail to recruitment@camk.edu.pl within 3 days after receiving an e-mail information on the outcomes of the recruitment process and they will be taken up by the selection committee right after this deadline.