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Creation date: 28.02.2013,   Archive date: 28.02.2013
Przetarg na zakup sprzętu komputerowego

Centrum Astronomiczne im. M. Kopernika PAN ogłasza przetarg nieograniczony na zakup sprzętu komputerowego i multimedialnego. Oferty ... more »

Creation date: 28.02.2013,   Archive date: 28.02.2013
Successful test of BRITE ground station at NCAC

On Wednesday night,  Feb. 27th, 2013, BRITE ground radio station at NCAC started recieving signal ... more »

Creation date: 18.02.2013,   Archive date: 18.02.2013
Tidal tails of dwarf galaxies

There are a few tens of dwarf galaxies in the immediate vicinity of the Milky Way ... more »

Creation date: 12.02.2013,   Archive date: 12.02.2013
540th Anniversary of Nicolaus Copernicus Birth

A cellebration will take place at Copernicus monument Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw at noon. Deatiles (in ... more »

Creation date: 08.02.2013,   Archive date: 08.02.2013
Obrona pracy doktorskiej mgr Anny Barnackiej

Detection techniques for the H.E.S.S. II telescope, data modeling of gravitational lensing and ...

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