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Creation date: 20.12.2012,   Archive date: 20.12.2012
Copernicus Center Young Scientist Award for Anna Barnacka

Anna Barnacka has been awarded Copernicus Astronomical Center Young Scientist Award for 2012. Jury, chaired by ... more »

Creation date: 17.12.2012,   Archive date: 17.12.2012
Dark matter distribution in dwarf galaxies

The nearest neighbourhood of the Milky Way is populated by dwarf galaxies containing large amount of ... more »

Creation date: 10.12.2012,   Archive date: 10.12.2012
Wojciech Fangor: „Od astronomii do malarstwa” ("From Astronomy to Painting"

Polish Association of Amateur Astronomers and Copernicus Astronomical Center present Roman's Fangor film: Wojciech Fangor ... more »

Creation date: 07.12.2012,   Archive date: 07.12.2012
On the origin of the gamma-ray/optical lags in luminous blazars

Blazars are highly variable, powerful sources of radiation that show spectacular outbursts. These flares are observed ... more »