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Creation date: 31.07.2014,   Archive date: 31.07.2014
Andromeda II as a merger remnant

Andromeda II is one of the brightest dwarf galaxies in the vicinity of the Andromeda galaxy ... more »

Creation date: 24.07.2014,   Archive date: 24.07.2014
International Conference of Young Astronomers

International Conference of Young Astronomers is going to take place in the city of Nicolaus Copernicus ... more »

Creation date: 21.07.2014,   Archive date: 21.07.2014
Spectrograph BACHES installed on Solaris-1 telescope

BACHES (white instrument) mounted on one of the Solaris telescopes.   BACHES (Basic eCHElle Spectrograph, pothole ... more »

Creation date: 02.07.2014,   Archive date: 02.07.2014
First H.E.S.S. II data reveal promising pulsar signal

HESS (Image by Christian Föhr, MPIK)   Following the intensive commissioning phase of the new large 28-meter ... more »