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Creation date: 31.05.2012,   Archive date: 31.05.2012
The satellite ground station

  In November 2011, the Copernicus Astronomical Center satellite ground station had begun to operate. It ... more »

Creation date: 22.05.2012,   Archive date: 22.05.2012
Transit of Venus

Transit of Venus will be on 6 June 2012. In Warsaw it will be visible only ... more »

Creation date: 21.05.2012,   Archive date: 21.05.2012
A newly discovered VHE gamma-ray PWN candidate around PSR J1459-60

The observations of the Galactic Plane carried out with the H.E.S.S. telescope have ... more »

Creation date: 02.05.2012,   Archive date: 02.05.2012
Light Time Effect in eclipsing binary stars' light curves

In 1676 Roemer observed that the apparent moment of Jovian moons' eclipses change depending on the ... more »