PhD studies

Fall 2017 PhD Lecture

Information for candidates

CAMK offers PhD courses in astronomy and astrophysics. The course lasts 4 years and ends with a PhD thesis. During the course, the student attends lectures and participates in research under the direction of a supervisor. The candidate must be able to understand sufficient English to be able to attend lectures given in that language. The recruitment procedure starts at the beginning of the year, for the course starting on 1st October. More information can be obtained from the Director of Studies:

prof. Paweł Moskalik
tel. +48(22)8410041 ext. 121 or +48(22)3296121


Current recruitment 2017



Intro to the CAMK IT systems and recources (course)


● (1h): Intro do CAMK (K. Leszczyński)

○ Loggin in
○ Ssh
○ Storage and backup
○ subnetworks
○ Printers
○ Scanning
○ Eduroam

● (1h): Audio&Video (A. Gawryszczak)

○ A/V equipment at lecture hall and seminar room
○ Videoconferencing with Lifesize

 ● (2h):Intro to Linux Tools and Compilers (K. Leszczyński)

○ Very short intro to bash shell and scripting
○ Architectures
○ Gcc/Gfortran compilers
○ Linking with libraries

● (2h): Cluster PSK (P. Ciecieląg)

○ Queueing system
○ Storage
○ Software and modules

● (2h): Other Services (P. Ciecieląg)

○ PL-Grid
○ Redmine
○ Gitolite
○ Platon services

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List of students
Year 1

Qiang Chen (sup. M. Sikora/K. Nalewajko)

Marta Dziełak (sup. A. Zdziarski)

Saikruba Krishnan (sup. A. Schwarzenberg-Czerny/A. Markowitz)

Filip Morawski (sup. M. Bejger)

Henryka Netzel (sup. R. Smolec)

Jose Ortuno Macias (sup. M. Sikora/K. Nalewajko)

Year 2

Bartosz Etmański (sup. Ryszard Szczerba)

Vadym Khomenko (sup. Brynmor Haskell)

Swayamtrupta Panda (sup. Bożena Czerny)

Katarzyna Rusinek (sup. Marek Sikora)

Marcin Semczuk (sup. Ewa Łokas)

Year 3

David Abarca (sup. W. Kluźniak)

Bartosz Bełdycki (sup. A. Różańska)

Ananda Deepika Bollimpalli (sup. W. Kluźniak)

Dominik Gronkiewicz (sup. A. Różańska)

Maitrayee Gupta (sup. M. Sikora)

Krystian Iłkiewicz (sup. J. Mikołajewska)

Michał Litwicki (sup. M. Konacki)

Magdalena Sieniawska (sup. M. Bejger)

Monica Taormina (sup. G. Pietrzyński)

Piotr Wielgórski (sup. G. Pietrzyński)

Bartłomiej Zgirski (sup. G. Pietrzyński)

Year 4

Katarzyna Drozd (sup. J. Mikołajewska)

Grzegorz Gajda (sup. E. Łokas)

Klaudia Kowalczyk (sup. Ewa Łokas)

Monika Rybicka (sup. G. Handler)

Paulina Sowicka (sup. G. Handler)

Diogo Teixeira Belloni (sup. Mirosław Giersz)

Year 5

Tek Prasad Adhikari (sup. A. Różańska)

Abbas Askar (sup. M. Giersz)

Justyna Średzińska (sup. B. Czerny)

Elżbieta Zocłońska (sup. G. Handler)