Scientific Council

The Scientific Council supervises the activities of the Center, in particular taking care of the high level of its scientific activity and the career development of junior researchers.


Presidium of the Scientific Council

(term 2023 - 2026)



Disciplinary Officer


Schedule of Council meetings in 2023

The standard dates for the CAMK PAN Scientific Council meetings are last Fridays of the month with some exceptions. In 2023, the standard meeting dates are:


  • 13 January,
  • 24 February,
  • 31 March,
  • 28 April,
  • 26 May,
  • 30 June,
  • 29 September,
  • 27 October,
  • 24 November.


The meetings are not called if there is no agenda. According to the Scientific Council statute, additional meetings can be called by the Chair or the Deputy Chair, either on their own initiative, on the request of the Director, or on the request of 1/4 of the Council members.