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Scholarship in asteroseismology of binary stars

The Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw, Poland, invites applications for a student scholarship funded by the Polish National Science Center. The successful applicant will collaborate with Prof. Gerald Handler on the project "Exploiting the potential of asteroseismology of binary stars" funded by the Polish National Science Center (NCN), through grant nr 2021/43/B/ST9/02972. The studentship is available for a total of 48 months.

The student will analyse photometric data of hot pulsating main sequence stars that originate from the TESS space mission, will acquire and analyse spectroscopic and photometric measurements with ground-based telescopes as well, and interpret the results.


The main requirement for this position is the possession of a valid MSc degree or equivalent in astronomy (or physics, mathematics or engineering). A good knowledge of the English language and experience with programming, analysis of space-based photometry and ground-based spectroscopy, time series analysis, binary modelling and stellar variability classification will be an advantage.


The applicants should provide a CV including education history, information about scientific achievements (publications, awards and scholarships, participation in scientific conferences, workshops and research programs), a short letter of motivation, and a signed GDPR declaration, available at:



Applications should be sent in pdf form to recruitment@camk.edu.pl

 Enquiries about the studentships can also be addressed to gerald@camk.edu.pl


Deadline for applications is 15 June 2022; the applications will be reviewed by the recruitment committee according to the NCN rules.

The envisaged starting date is 01 July 2022.