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Sebastian Trojanowski is the laureate of the Science Award of the Polityka weekly

Dr. Sebastian Trojanowski from the Astrophysics of Particles group at the AstroCeNT, CAMK PAN facility has become this year's laureate of the Science Award competition of the Polityka weekly in the field of exact sciences!

The editorial office of Polityka awarded this award for the 21st time. The award is granted in several fields of science and humanities.

Dr Trojanowski's research lies at the intersection of theoretical and experimental particle physics. In particular, they concern attempts to understand the microscopic nature of dark matter, the existence of which and its macroscopic influence on large structures in the Universe we learn from numerous astronomical observations conducted for several decades.

Dr. Trojanowski was the co-founder of a new research direction in the Large Hadron Collider, which aims to search for traces of new elementary particles with a mass similar to that of a proton or slightly less. This program will soon be initiated by the FASER experiment, and work is currently underway on its further extension to subsequent periods of operation of the collider. This type of research is part of the trend of scientific research in particle physics, which has been very popular in recent years, which aims to fully test the widest possible class of models predicting various properties of dark matter particles that could lead to its efficient production in thermal plasma in the early Universe.

An additional goal of the new research program is to thoroughly investigate the nature of the interactions of elusive high-energy neutrinos (about 1,000 proton masses), which have so far only been observed through their production in collisions of cosmic rays reaching the Earth's atmosphere. A better understanding of these phenomena by studying them under laboratory conditions will help to further develop this type of space observation.

Congratulations to our colleague.


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