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AstroCeNT job offer

AstroCeNT project annouces job offer for postdoc in particle astrophysics in International Research Agenda AstroCeNT Particle Astrophysics Science and Technology Centre. Scientific disciplines - particle astrophysics: dark matter and/or gravitational wave studies; theory and experiment.

Project leaders: Leszek Roszkowski (leader), Tomasz Bulik (co-leader).

Please send applications to office@astrocent.pl.  Application deadline: 10 December 2018.

For the conditions and the details of the offer please see the full text of the annoucement: advert_job_postdoc_fnp_2018_L.R_eng.pdf.

More details about the position: https://www.camk.edu.pl/en/research/projects/astrocent/.