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PhD opportunities at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center

Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center invites applications for PhD studies in astronomy and astrophysics leading to a PhD degree. The subjects of research are related to two projects funded by Polish National Science Centre.


  1. SONATA BIS grant “Kinetic simulations of instabilities in relativistic plasma” (PI: dr Krzysztof Nalewajko; knalew@camk.edu.pl; http://users.camk.edu.pl/knalew/). The project involves working with and developing particle-in-cell numerical code Zeltron to simulate highly magnetized astrophysical environments, dissipation of magnetic energy by reconnection, and related particle acceleration and high-energy radiation. Simulations will be performed on very large supercomputers in Poland and USA, and there is opportunity for international collaboration with researchers at CNRS Grenoble and University of Colorado. Knowledge of numerical methods, high performance computing, high-energy astrophysics or plasma physics will be preferred.


  1. OPUS grant „Hot X-ray Universe” (PI: dr hab. Agata Różańska; agata@camk.edu.pl; http://users.camk.edu.pl/agata/). The specific project is to develop the filter wheel assembly for the Wide Field Imager (WFI) instrument onboard future ESA X-ray observatory ATHENA. The goal of the work (done under the supervision of dr hab. Mirosław Rataj) is the mechanical modeling of the satellite component used to change optical filters in the WFI detector. The candidate will work on the design and technical requirements of the Filter Wheel (FW) assembly. Knowledge of the INVENTOR and MATLAB programming, advanced methods of structural and thermal analysis, and mechatronic design are strongly preferred prerequisites.


Candidates should contact the grant PI's first, to discuss the details of the research topics. Applications should be prepared following guidelines in the PhD studies webpage. The positions will be fully funded by the NCN grants, including a stipend and research funds.


Applications should be sent in pdf format to phdstudies@camk.edu.pl. The deadline is 29 July.