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Search for Dark Matter Annihilation Signals from the Fornax Galaxy Cluster with H.E.S.S

The H.E.S.S.  (High Energy Stereoscopic System) collaboration has observed the Fornax galaxy cluster in search for very-high energy (VHE, E > 100 GeV) γ-rays as a possible evidence of annihilation of dark matter (DM) particles. Fornax Cluster is the second richest cluster of galaxies within 100 million light-years, located at a distance of approximately 62 Mly (19 Mpc). During the total observing time of 14.5 hours, no significant signal was detected. Upper limits on the DM velocity-weighted annihilation cross-section as a function of the DM particle mass were derived. For a DM particle mass of 1 TeV, the exclusion limits at 95% of confidence level reach values of  ∼ 10-23 cm3s-1, depending on the DM particle model and halo properties. Seven astronomers form the Copernicus Center were involved in this research: A. Barnacka, T. Bulik, W. Kluźniak, R. Moderski, B. Rudak, A Zajczyk i A. Zdziarski. See the full text of the publication