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Workshop on: "Python and astro-statistics"

We are pleased to announce the workshop on python and its applications for astronomical research, as … more Workshop on: "Python and astro-statistics"»

Creation date: 31.01.2015,   Archive date: 09.06.2016

NCAC Anniversary conference

Sixty years ago Polish Academy of Sciences founded an Astronomy Unit, which twenty years later was transformed … more NCAC Anniversary conference»

Creation date: 14.01.2016,   Archive date: 14.01.2016

NCAC conference for young astronomers

Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center invites university students of astronomy, physics and related disciplines to attend a … more NCAC conference for young astronomers»

Creation date: 04.03.2015,   Archive date: 14.09.2015

Science with BRITE-Constellation: initial results

The first BRITE science conference, 14 - 18 September 2015

Venue: Hotel Orle, Gdańsk Sobieszewo, Poland … more Science with BRITE-Constellation: initial results»

Creation date: 02.06.2015,   Archive date: 24.08.2015

1st Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium “The non-linear Universe”

Warsaw, 24-28 August 2015   The First Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium, an international science meeting, focussing on … more 1st Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium “The non-linear Universe”»

Creation date: 24.07.2015,   Archive date: 13.08.2015

Toruński Zlot Miłośników Astronomii

Toruński Zlot Miłośników Astronomii odbędzie się w dniach 13-16 sierpnia 2015 r. na toruńskiej Barbarce. Informacja. … more Toruński Zlot Miłośników Astronomii»

Creation date: 09.06.2015,   Archive date: 09.06.2015

II warsztaty ESO dla przemysłu

W dn. 3 lipca br. odbędą się II Warsztaty ESO dla Przemysłu. Warsztaty przeznaczone są dla … more II warsztaty ESO dla przemysłu»

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