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Scientific scholarship

Applications are invited for a scientific scholarship under NCN-funded research project at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center of the Polish Science Academy (CAMK PAN), in Warsaw, Poland, in the field of stellar dynamics and globular cluster evolution. The scholarship may be used to fund a doctoral scholarship at CAMK PAN.

A successful applicant will work with prof. Mirek Giersz (Principal Investigator) on the project “Compact Objects in Star Clusters as a Laboratory for Multi-Messenger and High Energy Astrophysics”. The 3-yaer position will be funded from a Polish National Science Center (NCN) OPUS research grant (UMO-2021/41/B/ST9/01191). Generous funding for travel and excellent working environment is secured.

CAMK PAN is the leading astrophysical institute in Poland, hosting about 50 staff researchers and 30 PhD students. CAMK PAN scientists participate in many international projects.

Globular clusters are among the oldest and most structurally simple objects in the Milky Way. Unfortunately, their simple structure does not mean that they can be easily numerically modelled. Close, mutual, gravitational interactions between stars, star collisions, stellar and binary evolution, the galactic tidal field are only a fraction of physical processes which must be considered in the numerical simulations of cluster evolution. The dynamical MOCCA code is developed in the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center and is one of the world’s best codes for star cluster evolution. The code can simulate evolution of real star cluster on levels of precision and detail comparable to N-body codes, but much faster.

Subject of the project: MOCCA numerical simulations of star cluster evolution – WD-WD binaries and their observational signatures in multi-messenger and high energy domains.

Tasks to be performed:

  1. The main task will relate to the investigation of formation channels of WD-WD binaries, their further evolution and their observational signatures in multi-messenger and high energy domains.
  2. Work on the further development of the MOCCA code and detailed analysis of simulation results in the BEANS environment.
  3. Additionally, participation in other grant project tasks connected with different types of binaries that have observational signatures in multi-messenger and high energy domains.


  • student at doctoral school in the discipline of natural sciences; 
  • theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of astrophysics; 
  • theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of stellar dynamics, particularly in binary evolution and dynamical interactions between binaries; 
  • high computer and programming skills, including the knowledge of a modern programming languages and script languages; 
  • some experience in analysis of large databases of numerical simulation outputs; 
  • fluent English knowledge. 

Applicants should apply including:

  1. CV including a list of achievements in accordance with § 3 point 12 "Regulations on awarding NCN scholarships in research projects financed by the National Science Center" (Annex to the NCN Council Resolution No. 25/2019 of March 14, 2019);
  2. information clause (signed) available here (format PDF)

3. copy of the master diploma;

4. at least one recommendation letter.


Documents should be submitted by December 13, 2021 to the address of the project PI: mig@camk.edu.pl and to recruitment@camk.edu.pl. In the title of the e-mail, please provide OPUS-21 scholarship.


The Competition Committee reserves the right to:

• interview selected candidates who, on the basis of the information contained in the submitted documents, were given the highest scores (selected candidates will be informed by email about the date of the interview);

• to cancel the competition or not to select a candidate for the scholarship.


The expected date of selecting the winning candidacy is December 19, 2021. The commencement of work in the project is planned for January 1, 2022.

Supervisor: prof. Mirek Giersz (contact: mig@camk.edu.pl)

Funding:  Scholarship in the total amount of 5000 PLN/month, gross, is available for 3 years.

Location: Warsaw, Poland