Wednesday Colloquium

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The Colloquium takes place every Wednesday at 11:15 AM - Warsaw Copernicus Astronomical Centre online by means of Zoom platform. The Colloquium is given in English and chaired by dr Stanisław Bajtlik ( from outside of the Copernicus Center are very welcome to participate. For technical detailes please contact Dr. Stanislaw Bajtlik.


"From Stars to Start-up"

Anna Barnacka

Dr. hab. Anna Barnacka defended her PhD at CAMK PAN in parallel with a French PhD given at the same time (under the agreement of a double PhD program between Poland and France). She got her postdoc position at Harvard, and shortly after she was awarded the prestigious Einstein fellowship. But then, her career took a turn into medicine and technologies. She is an owner of MindMics start-up, in which she developed a new technology for monitoring heart rate via headphones into the phone. Let's meet her and take a look at her fascinating career path.


Special seminars


Journal Club

 future talks and archive

Journal Club takes place on Mondays at 11:00 AM in the Seminar Room. The seminar is given in English and is chaired by Angelos  Karakonstantakis, Gergely Hajdu, and Fatemeh Kayanikhoo.


The Bohdan Paczyński Memorial Colloquium



GeoPlanet Seminars