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Creation date: 02.06.2015,   Archive date: 24.08.2015

1st Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium “The non-linear Universe”

Warsaw, 24-28 August 2015   The First Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium, an international science meeting, focussing on … more 1st Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium “The non-linear Universe”»

Creation date: 24.07.2015,   Archive date: 13.08.2015

Toruński Zlot Miłośników Astronomii

Toruński Zlot Miłośników Astronomii odbędzie się w dniach 13-16 sierpnia 2015 r. na toruńskiej Barbarce. Informacja. … more Toruński Zlot Miłośników Astronomii»

Creation date: 10.08.2015,   Archive date: 10.08.2015

Poland is a member of ESO

On Aug. 7th, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education informed about completition of the process … more Poland is a member of ESO»

Creation date: 05.08.2015,   Archive date: 05.08.2015

The PF131010 Ciechanow fireball

On 2010 October 13, the Apollo type 20-meter asteroid 2010 TB54 passed within 6.1 lunar distances … more The PF131010 Ciechanow fireball»