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ASTROCENT - new section of the Copernicus Center

The ASTROCENT project is a new reseach initiative at the Copernicus Center in Warsaw. The new research unit will be a third section of the Copernicus Center. It will be located at the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology.  It will be headed by professors Leszek Roszkowski (CAMK and National Centre for Nuclear Research) and Tomasz Bulik (Astronomical Obserwatory, Warsaw University and CAMK). Research will focuse on the detection of gravitational waves and dark matter using advanced technological instruments.  The Astrocent will be formed within the framework of the International Research Agendas Programme (IRAP). The Astrocent project has obtained funding amounting to over PLN 37 million in the second open IRAP competition implemented by the Foundation for Polish Science and co-financed from the EU’s Smart Growth Operational Programme (POIR).


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