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Current status of BRITE-PL Lem satellite

Since its launch the Polish BRITE-PL Lem satellite is undergoing system initialisation and testing. So far it obtained 3 full frame pictures to test its detector and stopped tumbling switching to coarse pointing mode. All this constitutes parts of its commissioning, during which its systems are sequentially switched on and tested. Up to now operators from Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center and Space Research Center have tested most of satellite systems. So all on-board computers, radio-communication, reaction wheels, solar sensors, solenoids and magnetometer are working correctly. Housekeeping parameters, e.g., the internal temperature and power supply are monitored continuously. The internal temperature remains in the range 5-25 °C while that of  walls in sunshine reaches 32 °C only to drop down to -7 °C in the Earth shadow. According to Prof. Alex Schwarzenberg-Czerny the next planned step is testing of the telescope  fine guiding. This is going to be tested in the coming days. This remains our priority as pre-condition of taking scientific sky images. As soon as fully operational, BRITE-PL Lem is going to facilitate astroseismic study of interiors of bright stars. It works in the blue filter.


BRITE-Lem is on polar orbit. The orbit is of elliptical shape with 593 km and 887 km semiaxies. See it's current position.


(Text: Elżbieta Zocłońska i Aleksander Schwarzenberg-Czerny, CAMK.)