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Open post-doctoral position in pulsar astrophysics

The pulsar group at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (NCAC) invites applications for a post-doctoral position in pulsar astrophysics.


This is a 2-year appointment open to researchers with a PhD degree in astronomy, physics or related discipline. The successful candidate will be working on interpretation and modelling of radiation properties of pulsars. Our interests span a large range of frequency spectrum (radio, optical, X, and high-energy gamma-rays) as well as a broad range of pulsar phenomena: radio pulse profiles, radio and optical polarisation, single pulse phenomena (nulling, drifting, mode-changing), X-ray, and gamma-ray profiles and spectra. Experience in numerical/analytical modelling of radiative processes and high-level data analysis is valued.


Applications should be sent to jinx@ncac.torun.pl before the deadline of January 15, 2013. However, the applications will be accepted until the position is filled. The applications should include cover letter, CV, synopsis of past research activities and present research interests, as well as two letters of reference. The successful applicant will work at the NCAC department in the old town of Toruń,
Poland (www.ncac.torun.pl). Our department is a branch of NCAC in Warsaw (www.camk.edu.pl). The salary will be commensurate with salaries at NCAC for researchers of similar status. The successful candidate will have access to excellent computational facilities and travel support. The position is scheduled to open
on 27th April 2013, however, the date is flexible to within few months.


For enquiries please contact: Dr. Jaroslaw Dyks (jinx@ncac.torun.pl).


Web page of the Torun pulsar astrophysics group: http://pulsargroup.ncac.torun.pl/