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2023 - week 04

2023 - week 03

2023 - week 02

arXiv:2301.04409[pdf, other]
Comprehensive spectroscopic and photometric study of pulsating eclipsing binary star AI Hya
Comments:Accepted for publication in MNRAS

2023 - week 01

arXiv:2301.00229[pdf, other]
Metallicity estimation of MW, SMC and LMC classical Cepheids from the shape of the $V$- and $I$-band light curves
Comments:Accepted in A&A, 29 pages, 20 figures
arXiv:2212.14294[pdf, other]
A need to revise stellar opacities from asteroseismology of $δ$ Scuti stars
Comments:Accepted for the publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letters
arXiv:2301.01082[pdf, other]
A search for variable subdwarf B stars in TESS Full Frame Images III. An update on variable targets in both ecliptic hemispheres -- contamination analysis and new sdB pulsators

2022 - week 52

2022 - week 51

arXiv:2212.09161[pdf, other]
Modeling photometric reverberation mapping data for the next generation of big data surveys. Quasar accretion disks sizes with the LSST
Comments:19 pages, 17 figures, submitted to Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
arXiv:2212.08222[pdf, other]
Dust-driven wind as a model of Broad Absorption Line quasars
Comments:12pages, 10 figures, 2 tables, Submitted to the Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics
arXiv:2212.11197[pdf, other]
Evidence for scattering of curvature radiation in radio pulsar profiles
Authors:J. Dyks
Comments:11 pages, 11 figures, submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2212.11303[pdf, other]
Dark Matter and Baryogenesis from Visible-Sector Long-Lived Particles
Comments:12 pages, 4 figures
arXiv:2212.10973[pdf, other]
Hot accretion flows in low-luminosity active galactic nuclei in NGC 4258 and NGC 7213
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS. Comments are welcome

2022 - week 50

arXiv:2212.05480[pdf, other]
Detecting dense-matter phase transition signatures in neutron star mass-radius measurements as data anomalies using normalising flows
Comments:9 pages, 6 figures, accepted for publication in Physical Review C
arXiv:2212.04518[pdf, other]
Discovery of a binary-origin classical Cepheid in a binary system with a 59-day orbital period
Comments:6 pages, 4 figures, 1 table, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters
arXiv:2212.06732[pdf, other]
First Overtone Cepheids of the OGLE Magellanic Cloud Collection -- beyond radial modes
Comments:20 pages, 20 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS. For associated supporting information see:

2022 - week 49

arXiv:2212.01477[pdf, other]
arXiv:2212.03878[pdf, other]
Evaporation of Primordial Black Holes in the Early Universe: Mass and Spin Distributions
Comments:16 pages, 6 figures. Numerical codes released in
arXiv:2212.02026[pdf, other]
Improved binary black hole searches through better discrimination against noise transients
Comments:12pages, 6 figures
arXiv:2212.04041[pdf, other]
The light curve simulations of the 2021 anomalous event in SS Cygni
Comments:Accepted for publication in PASJ. 18 pages, 21 figures
arXiv:2212.03563[pdf, other]
A high resolution study of near-IR diffuse interstellar bands, search for small scale structure, time variability and stellar features
Comments:Accepted for publicaion in the main journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics on 25th November 2022
arXiv:2212.02950[pdf, other]
Asteroseismology of hot subdwarf B stars observed with TESS: discovery of two new gravity mode pulsating stars
Comments:Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on hot subdwarfs and related objects in Liege. arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:2105.15137

2022 - week 48

arXiv:2211.13789[pdf, other]
Detection of Einstein Telescope gravitational wave signals from binary black holes using deep learning
arXiv:2211.15800[pdf, other]
The role of stellar expansion on the formation of gravitational wave sources
arXiv:2211.15507[pdf, other]
Continuous gravitational wave emission from neutron stars with pinned superfluids in the core
Comments:13 pages, 1 figure
arXiv:2212.00034[pdf, other]
Direct Imaging and Astrometric Discovery of a Superjovian Planet Orbiting an Accelerating Star
Comments:Authors' version of original submission to Science on February 18, 2022: 37 pages, 14 figures, 3 tables. Revised version passed independent peer review/was recommended for publication in Science by external referees on July 5, 2022: no changes in conclusions
arXiv:2211.14132[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: probing the lithium abundances in old metal-rich dwarf stars in the Solar vicinity
Comments:8 pages, 3 figures. Accepted for publication in A&A Letters. Abridged abstract to fit ArXiv's requirements
arXiv:2211.13710[pdf, other]
Formation of a barred galaxy in a major merger: The role of AGN feedback
Authors:Ewa L. Lokas
Comments:5 pages, 4 figures, accepted for publication in A&A Letters
arXiv:2211.16530[pdf, other]

2022 - week 47

arXiv:2211.11022[pdf, other]
Dusty plasma in active galactic nuclei
Comments:Partially based on talk at 31st Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases in Belgrade, submitted to the European Physical Journal D Topical Issue: "Physics of Ionized Gases and Spectroscopy of Isolated Complex Systems: Fundamentals and Applications"

2022 - week 46

arXiv:2211.06461[pdf, other]
Type II and anomalous Cepheids in the Kepler K2 mission
Comments:21 pages, 13 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS

2022 - week 45

2022 - week 44

arXiv:2210.12413[pdf, other]
Evolved eclipsing binary systems in the Galactic bulge: Precise physical and orbital parameters of OGLE-BLG-ECL-305487 and OGLE-BLG-ECL-116218
Comments:12 pages, 5 figures, accepted in A&A
arXiv:2210.17328[pdf, other]
The phase structure of cosmic ray driven outflows in stream fed disc galaxies
Comments:18 pages, 19 figures. Submitted to MNRAS

2022 - week 43

arXiv:2210.14048[pdf, other]
Crustal failure as a tool to probe hybrid stars
Comments:10 pages, 6 figures. Comments welcome
arXiv:2210.10931[pdf, other]
arXiv:2210.12413[pdf, other]
Evolved eclipsing binary systems in the Galactic bulge: Precise physical and orbital parameters of OGLE-BLG-ECL-305487 and OGLE-BLG-ECL-116218
Comments:12 pages, 5 figures, accepted in A&A
arXiv:2210.15525[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO survey: mapping the shape and evolution of the radial abundance gradients with open clusters
Comments:25 pages, 14 figures and 4 tables in the main text, 3 figures and 7 tables in the Appendix. Accepted for publication in A&A

2022 - week 42

arXiv:2210.10931[pdf, other]
arXiv:2210.08510[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: old super metal-rich visitors from the inner Galaxy
Comments:18 pages, 13 figures. A&A in review; version after second interaction with the referee. The catalogue remains to be released. Abridged abstract to fit arxiv's requirements
arXiv:2210.10438[pdf, other]
Deep absorption in SDSS J110511.15+530806.5
Comments:Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A). 10 pages, 7 figures

2022 - week 41

arXiv:2210.06648[pdf, other]
3XMM J185246.6+003317: an isolated massive neutron star with a low magnetic field and a carbon atmosphere
Comments:23 pages, 10 figures, 2 tables. Comments welcome
arXiv:2210.06325[pdf, other]
Fundamental effective temperature measurements for eclipsing binary stars -- II. The detached F-type eclipsing binary CPD-54 810
Comments:Accepted for publication in MNRAS. 16 pages, 9 figures, 10 tables
arXiv:2210.02790[pdf, other]
Internal Heating in Magnetars: Role of Electron Captures
Comments:6 pages, 1 figure. Contribution to the proceedings of the XLIV Brazilian Workshop on Nuclear Physics
arXiv:2210.02944[pdf, other]
Effect of geometrically thin discs on precessing, thick flows: Relevance to type-C QPOs
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS Letters
arXiv:2210.06492[pdf, other]
The ASAS-SN Bright Supernova Catalog -- V. 2018-2020
Comments:14 pages, 7 figures, 4 tables. MNRAS submission in progress. Tables containing the catalog data presented in this submission are included in machine-readable format as ancillary files
arXiv:2210.04721[pdf, other]

2022 - week 40

arXiv:2210.02790[pdf, other]
Internal Heating in Magnetars: Role of Electron Captures
Comments:6 pages, 1 figure. Contribution to the proceedings of the XLIV Brazilian Workshop on Nuclear Physics
arXiv:2210.02944[pdf, other]
Effect of geometrically thin discs on precessing, thick flows: Relevance to type-C QPOs
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS Letters

2022 - week 39

arXiv:2209.13061[pdf, other]
Abundances and Transients from Neutron Star-White Dwarf Mergers
arXiv:2209.11567[pdf, other]
The origin and properties of red spirals: Insights from cosmological simulations
Authors:Ewa L. Lokas
Comments:11 pages, 10 figures, accepted for publication in A&A
arXiv:2209.11457[pdf, other]
Accreting neutron stars from the nuclear energy-density functional theory. II. Equation of state and global properties
Comments:10 pages, 7 figures. The tables of the equations of state are available at the CDS

2022 - week 38

arXiv:2209.09785[pdf, other]
arXiv:2209.09461[pdf, other]
Numerical Simulation of Hot Accretion Flow around Bondi Radius
Comments:15 pages, 8 figures, accepted for publication in ApJ
arXiv:2209.09304[pdf, other]
The Wind Dynamics of Super-Eddington Sources in FRADO
Comments:13 pages, 3 figures, Accepted for publication in the journal of Dynamics (MDPI)
arXiv:2209.10609[pdf, other]
Period Change Rates of Large Magellanic Cloud Cepheids using MESA
Comments:19 pages, 17 figures. Accepted by MNRAS
arXiv:2209.10469[pdf, other]
Vanishing Love of Black Holes in General Relativity: From Spacetime Conformal Symmetry of a Two-dimensional Reduced Geometry
Comments:33 pages
arXiv:2209.09017[pdf, other]
Machine Learning the Hubble Constant
Comments:13 pages, 3 figures. Comments welcome. Scripts available at
arXiv:2209.07537[pdf, other]
The binary system of the spinning-top Be star Achernar
Comments:27 pages, Astronomy & Astrophysics, in press. The full set of continuum normalized high resolution spectra of Achernar is available at

2022 - week 37

arXiv:2209.06526[pdf, other]
Accretion disc backflow in resistive MHD simulations
Comments:11 pages, 11 figures, 1 table Submitted to Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS)
arXiv:2209.06563[pdf, other]
Accretion disks, quasars and cosmology: meandering towards understanding
Comments:Submitted to Astrophysics and Space Science
arXiv:2209.07294[pdf, other]
CUBES and its software ecosystem: instrument simulation, control, and data processing
Comments:SPIE proceedings, SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2022, Montr\'eal, Canada
arXiv:2209.06052[pdf, other]
Polytropic fits of modern and unified equations of state
Comments:28 pages, 11 figures, 7 tables and 3 ancillary materials (tables in ASCII format and routine in Python). Accepted for publication with PRC

2022 - week 36

arXiv:2209.02863[pdf, other]
arXiv:2209.01564[pdf, other]
MOCCA-Survey Database: Extra Galactic Globular Clusters. III. The population of black holes in Milky Way and Andromeda -like galaxies
Comments:16 pages,15 figures
arXiv:2209.01177[pdf, other]
arXiv:2209.02123[pdf, other]
Shocks in the outflow of the RS Oph 2021 eruption observed with X-ray gratings
Comments:In press in the Astrophysical Journal
arXiv:2209.03317[pdf, other]
The Role of Strong Magnetic Fields in Stabilizing Highly Luminous, Thin Disks
Comments:19 pages, 10 figures
arXiv:2209.03037[pdf, other]
AlH lines in the blue spectrum of Proxima Centauri
Comments:22 pages, 6 tables, 10 figs, accepted by MNRAS

2022 - week 35

arXiv:2208.12452[pdf, other]
Deciphering the extreme X-ray variability of the nuclear transient eRASSt J045650.3-203750: A likely repeating partial tidal disruption event
Comments:26 pages, 12 figures, submitted to A&A, comments are welcome
arXiv:2208.14562[pdf, other]

2022 - week 34

2022 - week 33

arXiv:2208.06203[pdf, other]
arXiv:2208.07257[pdf, other]
Surface brightness-colour relations of dwarf stars from detached eclipsing binaries -- I. Calibrating sample
Comments:Accepted in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 18 pages
arXiv:2208.08874[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: Preparing the ground for 4MOST & WEAVE galactic surveys -- Chemical Evolution of Lithium with Machine-Learning
Comments:Submitted to A&A
arXiv:2208.08872[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: Chemical evolution of Mg and Al in the Milky Way with Machine-Learning
Comments:Submitted to A&A

2022 - week 32

arXiv:2208.04791[pdf, other]
arXiv:2208.05432[pdf, other]
arXiv:2208.03651[pdf, other]
Modules for Experiments in Stellar Astrophysics (MESA): Time-Dependent Convection, Energy Conservation, Automatic Differentiation, and Infrastructure
Comments:49 pages, 29 figures; Submitted to AAS Journals

2022 - week 31

arXiv:2208.01677[pdf, other]
arXiv:2208.01672[pdf, other]
arXiv:2207.14778[pdf, other]
Symmetric-hyperbolic quasi-hydrodynamics
Comments:25 pages, 4 figures
arXiv:2207.14747[pdf, other]
arXiv:2208.02387[pdf, other]
High Metal Content of Highly Accreting Quasars: Analysis of an Extended Sample
Comments:Accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics. 29 pages plus an appendix with full spectral analysis

2022 - week 30

arXiv:2207.10921[pdf, other]
arXiv:2207.13153[pdf, other]
Metallicities and ages for star clusters and their surrounding fields in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Comments:40 pages, 17 figures, 6 tables, Accepted for publication in A&A
arXiv:2207.11968[pdf, other]
arXiv:2207.11967[pdf, other]
arXiv:2207.11966[pdf, other]
arXiv:2207.13864[pdf, other]
arXiv:2207.12970[pdf, other]
Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry With Polstar: Using Polstar to test Magnetospheric Mass-loss Quenching
Comments:20 pages, 10 figures, accepted for publication in ApSS. arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:2111.06434

2022 - week 29

arXiv:2207.09462[pdf, other]
Redshift Effects in Particle Production from Kerr Primordial Black Holes
Comments:12 pages, 7 figures
arXiv:2207.10471[pdf, other]
arXiv:2207.08871[pdf, other]
EIFIS: a modular extreme integral field spectrograph for the 10.4m GTC
Comments:Submitted to the Proceedings of the SPIE, Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation
arXiv:2207.07677[pdf, other]
Dark Matter Axions in the Early Universe with a Period of Increasing Temperature
Comments:28 pages, 8 figures
arXiv:2207.07864[pdf, other]
What are the Composition and Power of the Jet in Cyg X-1?
Comments:ApJL, in press

2022 - week 28

arXiv:2207.06779[pdf, other]
Lithium in coalesced non-compact stars
Comments:submitted to A&A; comments welcome
arXiv:2207.05765[pdf, other]
arXiv:2207.04210[pdf, other]
Modeling of multimode radially pulsating High-Amplitude Delta Scuti stars from the OGLE Galactic bulge sample
Comments:13 pages, 14 figures, 2 tables, accepted for publication in MNRAS

2022 - week 27

arXiv:2207.00597[pdf, other]
Snowmass 2021 Rare & Precision Frontier (RF6): Dark Matter Production at Intensity-Frontier Experiments
Comments:37 pages, 13 figures, comments and feedback welcome

2022 - week 26

arXiv:2206.13335[pdf, other]
A robust argument on the existence of primordial black holes in galactic dark matter halos
Comments:submitted to ApJL
arXiv:2206.13558[pdf, other]
Forming short period sub-stellar companions in 47 Tucanae -- II. Analytic expressions for the orbital evolution of planets in dense environments
Comments:Accepted for publication in MNRAS - 28 pages, 17 figures
arXiv:2206.14220[pdf, other]
The Astropy Project: Sustaining and Growing a Community-oriented Open-source Project and the Latest Major Release (v5.0) of the Core Package
Comments:43 pages, 5 figures. To appear in ApJ. The author list has two parts: the authors that made significant contributions to the writing and/or coordination of the paper, followed by maintainers of and contributors to the Astropy Project. The position in the author list does not correspond to contributions to the Astropy Project as a whole
arXiv:2206.12371[pdf, other]
Vibrationally excited HCN transitions in circumstellar envelopes of carbon-rich AGB stars
Comments:36 pages, 26 figures, accepted for publication in A&A
arXiv:2206.12853[pdf, other]
Asteroseismology of RR Lyrae stars with non-radial modes
Comments:13 pages, 15 figures, 5 tables, accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2206.12838[pdf, other]
Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetric Diagnostics of Hot Star Magnetospheres
Comments:Accepted for publication in Astrophysics and Space Science. arXiv admin note: substantial text overlap with arXiv:2111.06434

2022 - week 25

arXiv:2206.10416[pdf, other]
Stochastic processes for pulsar timing noise: fluctuations in the internal and external torques
Comments:15 pages, 6 figures. Submitted to MNRAS, comments welcome
arXiv:2206.08947[pdf, other]
Multi-wavelength analysis of short GRB 201221D and its comparison with other high \& low redshift short GRBs
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS after addressing referee's comments
arXiv:2206.10056[pdf, other]
Changing-Look AGNs -- I. Tracking the transition on the main sequence of quasars
Comments:65 pages, 20 figures, 4 tables, submitted to AAS journals, comments welcome! arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:2201.09123 by other authors

2022 - week 24

arXiv:2206.06825[pdf, other]
reXcor: A Model of the X-ray Spectrum of Active Galactic Nuclei that Combines Ionized Reflection and a Warm Corona
Comments:17 pages, 11 figures, accepted by MNRAS. The reXcor table models can be downloaded here:
arXiv:2206.06262[pdf, other]
Corrections to Estimated Accretion Disk Size due to Color Correction, Disk Truncation and Disk Wind
Comments:Submitted to ApJ

2022 - week 23

arXiv:2206.03759[pdf, other]
A burst storm from the repeating FRB 20200120E in an M81 globular cluster
Comments:Submitted, comments welcome
arXiv:2206.03967[pdf, other]
MOCCA-Survey Database: Extra Galactic Globular Clusters. II. Milky Way and Andromeda
Comments:17 pages, 10 figures
arXiv:2206.03404[pdf, other]
A Monte Carlo study of early gas expulsion and evolution of star clusters: new simulations with the MOCCA code in the AMUSE framework
Comments:13 pages, 6 figures
arXiv:2206.03874[pdf, other]
arXiv:2206.02901[pdf, other]
arXiv:2206.02177[pdf, other]
On the Orbital Period and Models of V Sge
Authors:J. Smak
Comments:9 pages 3 figures; submitted to "Acta Astronomica"

2022 - week 22

arXiv:2205.14153[pdf, other]
How have astronomers cited other fields in the last decade?
Comments:Submitted to RNAAS

2022 - week 21

arXiv:2205.13513[pdf, other]
Denoising gravitational-wave signals from binary black holes with dilated convolutional autoencoder
Comments:27 pages, 5 figures in the text and 7 in the appendix
arXiv:2205.10531[pdf, other]
Formation of episodic jets and associated flares from black hole accretion systems
Comments:16 pages, 13 figures; accepted for publication in ApJ
arXiv:2205.13405[pdf, other]
Catching the Butterfly and the Homunculus of $η$ Carinae with ALMA
Comments:Accepted to Astrophysical Journal. 3D animation ->
arXiv:2205.11227[pdf, other]
Magnetically-gated accretion model: application to short bursts in the intermediate polar V1223 Sgr
Comments:Accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics; 11 pages, 12 figures
arXiv:2205.10918[pdf, other]
Improved model of X-ray emission from hot accretion flows
Comments:ApJ, in press

2022 - week 20

arXiv:2205.09137[pdf, other]
FLArE up dark sectors with EM form factors at the LHC Forward Physics Facility
Comments:11 pages, 3 figures

2022 - week 19

arXiv:2205.02865[pdf, other]
Timing six energetic rotation-powered X-ray pulsars, including the fast-spinning young PSR J0058-7218 and Big Glitcher PSR J0537-6910
Comments:18 pages, 17 figures; submitted to ApJ
arXiv:2205.05397[pdf, other]
MOCCA: Dynamics and evolution of binary stars of multiple stellar populations in tidally filling and underfilling globular star clusters
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2205.04470[pdf, other]
The impact of stellar evolution on rotating star clusters: the gravothermal-gravogyro catastrophe and the formation of a bar of black holes
Comments:17 pages, 7 figures, 2 tables, Submitted to MNRAS. Comments are welcome
arXiv:2205.02259[pdf, other]
Kinetic Simulations of Instabilities and Particle Acceleration in Cylindrical Magnetized Relativistic Jets
Comments:22 pages, 20 figures, accepted for publication in ApJ
arXiv:2205.05045[pdf, other]
A spectroscopic quadruple as a possible progenitor of sub-Chandrasekhar Type Ia supernovae
Comments:accepted for publication in Nature Astronomy

2022 - week 18

arXiv:2205.01555[pdf, other]
arXiv:2205.02729[pdf, other]
arXiv:2205.02259[pdf, other]
Kinetic Simulations of Instabilities and Particle Acceleration in Cylindrical Magnetized Relativistic Jets
Comments:22 pages, 20 figures, accepted for publication in ApJ

2022 - week 17

arXiv:2204.13025[pdf, other]
The Effect of Supernova Convection On Neutron Star and Black Hole Masses
Comments:17 pages, accepted by ApJ
arXiv:2204.11730[pdf, other]
Black hole - black hole total merger mass and the origin of LIGO/Virgo sources
Comments:12 pages, submitted to ApJ
arXiv:2204.12310[pdf, other]
arXiv:2204.11810[pdf, other]
Simulating bulk viscosity in neutron stars II: evolution in spherical symmetry
Comments:20 pages, 12 figures, 2 appendices. Submitted to PRD. Code published on zenodo with DOI:10.5281/zenodo.6478023
arXiv:2204.11809[pdf, other]
Simulating bulk viscosity in neutron stars I: formalism
Comments:14 pages, 1 figure, 2 appendices. Submitted to PRD
arXiv:2204.10864[pdf, other]
arXiv:2204.11637[pdf, other]
A simple analytical model of magnetic jets
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2204.11687[pdf, other]
A census of young stellar objects in two line-of-sight star forming regions toward IRAS 22147+5948 in the outer Galaxy
Comments:29 pages, 17 figures, 9 tables

2022 - week 16

arXiv:2204.09061[pdf, other]
The role of supernova convection for the lower mass gap and the isolated binary formation of gravitational wave sources
Comments:20 pages, submitted to MNRAS, comments welcome
arXiv:2204.10067[pdf, other]
Modified models of radiation pressure instability in application to 10, 10$^5$, and 10$^7$ $M_{\odot}$ accreting black holes
Comments:23 pages, 18 figures, Submitted for publication on Astronomy and Astrophysics, comments very welcome
arXiv:2204.08825[pdf, other]
Ariel stellar characterisation: I -- homogeneous stellar parameters of 187 FGK planet host stars Description and validation of the method
Comments:Accepted for publication in A&A, 13 pages, 14 figures, Tables A1 and A2 in the Appendix will be available at CDS and can be requested by email to:
arXiv:2204.09073[pdf, other]
Triggering micronovae through magnetically confined accretion flows in accreting white dwarfs
Comments:4 pages, 1 figure. Accepted 2022 April 12 in MNRAS. Received 2022 April 8; in original form 2022 March 7
arXiv:2204.09070[pdf, other]
Localised thermonuclear bursts from accreting magnetic white dwarfs
Comments:11 pages, 7 figures. Submitted on 4 October 2021. Accepted for publication in Nature on 1 February 2022

2022 - week 15

arXiv:2204.04523[pdf, other]
arXiv:2204.05361[pdf, other]
Non-thermal emission from fall-back clouds in the Broad-Line Region of Active Galactic Nuclei
Comments:21 pages, 14 figures, and 2 tables. Accepted for publication in ApJ; extended Appendix
arXiv:2204.06628[pdf, other]
Spectroscopic analysis of VVV CL001 cluster with MUSE
Comments:10 pages, 9 figures, accepted by MNRAS
arXiv:2204.05820[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: Constraining evolutionary models and ages for young low mass stars with measurements of lithium depletion and rotation
Comments:Accepted for publication in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: 28 pages, 14 figures

2022 - week 14

arXiv:2204.00661[pdf, other]
Synthetic population of binary Cepheids. I. The effect of metallicity and initial parameter distribution on characteristics of Cepheids' companions
Comments:29 pages, 19 figures (5 in the Appendix), accepted for ApJ
arXiv:2204.01456[pdf, other]
Lopsided galactic disks in IllustrisTNG
Authors:Ewa L. Lokas
Comments:9 pages, 11 figures, accepted for publication in A&A
arXiv:2204.01660[pdf, other]
NICER monitoring of supersoft X-ray sources
Comments:in press in the Astrophysical Journal

2022 - week 13

arXiv:2203.16158[pdf, other]
Detecting weak beryllium lines with CUBES
Comments:20 pages. Accepted for publication in Experimental Astronomy. The published version is available at
arXiv:2203.15604[pdf, other]
Beryllium abundances in turn-off stars of globular clusters with the CUBES spectrograph
Comments:Published in Experimental Astronomy
arXiv:2203.14735[pdf, other]
Partially accreted crusts of neutron stars
Comments:17 pages, 10 figures, 4 files in Ancillary (2 movies, 2 .res files)
arXiv:2203.15352[pdf, other]
arXiv:2203.14991[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: Chemical tagging in the thin disk. Open clusters blindly recovered in the elemental abundance space
Comments:Accepted for publication by A&A. 21 pages, 11 figures

2022 - week 12

2022 - week 11

arXiv:2203.05850[pdf, other]
Modelling the formation of the first two neutron star-black hole mergers, GW200105 and GW200115: metallicity, chirp masses and merger remnant spins
Comments:submitted to MNRAS, comments welcome
arXiv:2203.05572[pdf, other]
A new model for nulling and moding in radio pulsars
Authors:J. Dyks
Comments:2 pages, 1 figure, Proceedings IAU Symposium No. 363, 2022, Neutron Star Astrophysics at the Crossroads: Magnetars and the Multimessenger Revolution, E. Troja & M. Baring, eds
arXiv:2203.07361[pdf, other]
arXiv:2203.05090[pdf, other]
arXiv:2203.05591[pdf, other]

2022 - week 10

arXiv:2203.04970[pdf, other]
Tidally Tilted Pulsations in HD 265435, a subdwarf B Star with a Close White Dwarf Companion
Comments:17 pages, 5 figures + 2 appendix figures, 1 table; accepted for publication in ApJL
arXiv:2203.04522[pdf, other]
High-density disc reflection spectroscopy of low-mass active galactic nuclei
Comments:20 pages, 10 figures, 6 tables, revised according to referee's comments and resubmitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2203.02722[pdf, other]
Asteroseismology of the double-radial mode $δ$ Scuti star BP Pegasi
Comments:16 pages, 15 figures, 6 tables, accepted for publication in MNRAS

2022 - week 09

arXiv:2203.01270[pdf, other]
arXiv:2202.13839[pdf, other]
Spectropolarimetry and spectral decomposition of high-accreting Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies
Comments:20 pages, 17 figures, 10 tables, submitted to Astronomy & Astrophysics. Comments welcome!
arXiv:2203.00034[pdf, other]
Influence of tidal dissipation on outcomes of binary-single encounters between stars and black holes in stellar clusters
Comments:14 pages, 6 figures, 12 tables, submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2202.11174[pdf, other]
The Composition and Power of the Jet of the Broad-Line Radio Galaxy 3C 120
Comments:Submitted to ApJ, comments are welcome

2022 - week 08

arXiv:2202.11174[pdf, other]
The Composition and Power of the Jet of the Broad-Line Radio Galaxy 3C 120
Comments:Submitted to ApJ, comments are welcome

2022 - week 07

arXiv:2202.08831[pdf, other]
Observational properties of puffy disks: radiative GRMHD spectra of mildly sub-Eddington accretion
Comments:to be submitted to MNRAS, comments welcome
arXiv:2202.08671[pdf, other]
SiGMa-Net: Deep learning network to distinguish binary black hole signals from short-duration noise transients
Comments:11 pages, 8 figures and 2 tables. Reviewed by LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) with preprint number LIGO-P2100485
arXiv:2202.06760[pdf, other]
Stability and causality of Carter's multifluid theory
Comments:16 pages, no figures
arXiv:2202.08201[pdf, other]
arXiv:2202.06928[pdf, other]
The X-ray spectral-timing contribution of the stellar wind in the hard state of Cyg X-1
Comments:16 pages, 13 figures
arXiv:2202.08662[pdf, other]

2022 - week 06

2022 - week 05

arXiv:2201.12661[pdf, other]
arXiv:2201.12366[pdf, other]
arXiv:2201.13201[pdf, other]
The Donor of the Black-Hole X-Ray Binary MAXI J1820+070
Comments:submitted to ApJ, comments are welcome
arXiv:2201.12209[pdf, other]
Early recognition of Microlensing Events from Archival Photometry with Machine Learning Methods
Comments:21 pages, 18 figures, submitted to Astronomy & Astrophysics

2022 - week 04

arXiv:2201.10104[pdf, other]
arXiv:2201.11062[pdf, other]
Wavelength-resolved Reverberation Mapping of quasar CTSC30.10: Dissecting MgII and FeII emission regions
Comments:22 pages, 19 Figures, 6 Tables, Submitted to Astronomy and Astrophysics, Comments are welcome
arXiv:2201.10332[pdf, other]
A search for cool molecular gas in GK Persei and other classical novae
Comments:comments welcome, submitted to A&A
arXiv:2201.11442[pdf, other]
A Decade of Black-Hole X-ray Binary Transients
Comments:10 Pages, 20 Figures
arXiv:2201.08785[pdf, other]
Search setup for long-duration transient gravitational waves from glitching pulsars during LIGO-Virgo third observing run
Comments:5 pages, submitted to Proceedings of TAUP 2021

2022 - week 03

arXiv:2201.05839[pdf, other]
arXiv:2201.07494[pdf, other]
Spectral and polarization properties of reflected X-ray emission from black hole accretion discs
Comments:13 pages, 9 figures, published in MNRAS
arXiv:2201.05428[pdf, other]
Influence of the gravitational darkening effect on the spectrum of a hot, rapidly rotating neutron star
Comments:ApJ in print
arXiv:2201.06559[pdf, other]
Filling the gap between synchronized and non-synchronized sdBs in short-period sdBV+dM binaries with TESS: TIC 137608661, a new system with a well defined rotational splitting
Comments:Accepted for publication in MNRAS Main Journal

2022 - week 02

arXiv:2201.00996[pdf, other]
Hydrothermal activities on C-complex asteroids induced by radioactivity
Comments:19 pages, 8 figures, 2 tables
arXiv:2201.04615[pdf, other]
Very large SiPM arrays with aggregated output
Comments:11 pages, 15 figures

2022 - week 01

arXiv:2201.01217[pdf, other]
Differentiating sharp phase transitions from mixed states in neutron stars
Comments:16 pages, 15 figures; Comments welcome
arXiv:2201.00697[pdf, other]
arXiv:2201.00069[pdf, other]
arXiv:2201.01632[pdf, other]
arXiv:2201.01722[pdf, other]
Tidally Tilted Pulsators
Comments:6 pages, 6 figures, Proceedings of the 40th meeting of the Polish Astronomical Society, submitted
arXiv:2201.00996[pdf, other]
Hydrothermal activities on C-complex asteroids induced by radioactivity
Comments:19 pages, 8 figures, 2 tables
arXiv:2201.00151[pdf, other]
Multiple stellar populations in Schwarzschild modeling and the application to the Fornax dwarf
Comments:12 pages, 15 figures, accepted for publication in A&A

2022 - week 52

2021 - week 51

arXiv:2112.10990[pdf, other]
arXiv:2112.12122[pdf, other]
arXiv:2112.10695[pdf, other]
arXiv:2112.09832[pdf, other]
The Aretakis constants and instability in general spherically symmetric extremal black hole spacetimes: higher multipole modes, late-time tails, and geometrical meanings
Comments:32 pages
arXiv:2112.11581[pdf, other]
Ultraviolet-induced fluorescence of poly(methyl methacrylate) compared to 1,1,4,4-tetraphenyl-1,3-butadiene down to 4 K
Comments:15 pages, 12 figures
arXiv:2112.09146[pdf, other]
Rapid bursts of magnetically gated accretion in the intermediate polar V1025 Cen
Comments:Accepted for publication in ApJL
arXiv:2112.11993[pdf, other]
Indirect detection of long-lived particles in a rich dark sector with a dark Higgs boson portal
Comments:36 pages, 12 figures
arXiv:2112.11974[pdf, other]
arXiv:2112.12264[pdf, other]
Co-interacting dark matter and conformally coupled light scalars
Comments:16 pages, 4 figures

2021 - week 50

arXiv:2112.06861[pdf, other]
arXiv:2112.08307[pdf, other]
arXiv:2112.08082[pdf, other]
Mass loss rate of accretion disk in FRADO
Comments:3 pages, 1 figure, submitted to the Proceedings of the 40th Polish Astronomical Society Meeting, 13-17 September 2021, Szczecin, Poland
arXiv:2112.07393[pdf, other]
Inferring the morphology of AGN torus using X-ray spectra: A reliability study
Comments:The article has been accepted for publication in MNRAS copyright: 2021 Tathagata Saha. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. For the published version see . The supplementary files are available at
arXiv:2112.08116[pdf, other]
Insight-HXMT, NuSTAR and INTEGRAL Data Show Disk Truncation in the Hard State of the Black-Hole X-Ray Binary MAXI~J1820+070
Comments:submitted to ApJ, comments are welcome

2021 - week 49

arXiv:2112.04924[pdf, other]
VLT/MUSE and ATCA observations of the host galaxy of the short GRB 080905A at z=0.122
Comments:The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, in press
arXiv:2112.04058[pdf, other]
Exploring compact binary populations with the Einstein Telescope
Comments:15 pages, 9 figures
arXiv:2112.04990[pdf, other]
The optical simulation model of the DarkSide-20k Veto detector
Comments:Proceedings of 17th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP 2021)
arXiv:2112.03687[pdf, other]
Mass transfer and tidally tilted pulsation in the Algol-type system TZ Dra
Comments:Accepted for publication in MNRAS, 14 pages, supported by the Scientific and Technological Research Council (TUBITAK) project through 120F330
arXiv:2112.01613[pdf, other]
arXiv:2112.03779[pdf, other]
One for the Future: measuring the mass transfer rate in the ULX M82 X-2 by using orbital period changes will take millenia
Comments:3 pages
arXiv:2112.03314[pdf, other]
SU Lyn -- a transient symbiotic star
Comments:15 pages, 10 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2112.04194[pdf, other]
Multiwavelength variability power spectrum analysis of the blazars 3C\,279 and PKS\,1510$-$089 on multiple timescales
Comments:Submitted to ApJ after first round of journal referee comments. This version has passed the internal review within the Fermi-LAT collaboration. Comments are welcome

2021 - week 48

arXiv:2111.15507[pdf, other]
arXiv:2111.15116[pdf, other]
arXiv:2111.13106[pdf, other]
arXiv:2111.14963[pdf, other]
FRADO explains the Low Ionized Broad Emission Lines of AGNs
Comments:9 pages, 5 figures, Submitted to A&A
arXiv:2111.15197[pdf, other]
Spectral Problems for Quasinormal Modes of Black Holes
Comments:This is a contribution to the special issue "Black Hole Physics and Beyond: From the Ringdown Analysis with Gravitational Waves" (Editors: Hiroyuki Nakano and Nami Uchikata) in Universe
arXiv:2111.13642[pdf, other]

2021 - week 47

arXiv:2111.12098[pdf, other]
TIC 5724661: A Long-Period Binary with a Pulsating sdB Star and $δ$ Scuti Variable
Comments:15 pages, 8 figures, submitted to ApJ
arXiv:2111.12457[pdf, other]
New Galactic $β$ Lyrae-type Binaries Showing Superorbital Photometric Cycles
Comments:8 pages, 7 figures
arXiv:2111.11196[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: the role of magnetic activity and starspots on pre-main sequence lithium evolution
Comments:Accepted for publication in A&A, 18 pages, 10 figures
arXiv:2111.10684[pdf, other]
Gaia-ESO Survey: Detailed elemental abundances in red giants of the peculiar globular cluster NGC 1851
Comments:13 pages, 17 figures, accepted to Astronomy and Astrophysics
arXiv:2111.11633[pdf, other]

2021 - week 46

arXiv:2111.09401[pdf, other]
All Apples: Comparing black holes in X-ray binaries and gravitational-wave sources
Comments:5 pages, comments welcome
arXiv:2111.08709[pdf, other]
arXiv:2111.09223[pdf, other]
MOCCA-SURVEY Database II -- Properties of Intermediate Mass Black Holes escaping from star clusters
Comments:10 pages, 8 figures
arXiv:2111.09352[pdf, other]
Two New roAp Stars Discovered with TESS
Comments:4 pages, 1 figure, accepted for publication in RNAAS
arXiv:2111.09125[pdf, other]
Inspecting the Cepheid parallax of pulsation using Gaia EDR3 parallaxes. Projection factor and period-luminosity and period-radius relations
Comments:29 pages, 23 figures, 5 tables. Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysiscs journal (30/08/2021)
arXiv:2111.07735[pdf, other]
Rotation of the crescent image of M87* and polarization of its ESE hotspot
Comments:5 pages, 1 figure, to appear in the proceedings of the Sixteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting (MG16)
arXiv:2111.06434[pdf, other]
Ultraviolet Spectropolarimetry With Polstar: Hot Star Magnetospheres
Comments:White paper, 40 pages
arXiv:2111.08337[pdf, other]

2021 - week 45

arXiv:2111.03608[pdf, other]
arXiv:2111.03606[pdf, other]
GWTC-3: Compact Binary Coalescences Observed by LIGO and Virgo During the Second Part of the Third Observing Run
Comments:82 pages (10 pages author list, 30 pages main text, 22 pages appendices, 20 pages bibliography), 16 figures, 14 tables. Data products available from
arXiv:2111.04140[pdf, other]
The Main Sequence of quasars: the taming of the extremes
Comments:Paper presented at the XIII SCSLSA, to appear in Astronomische Nachrichten
arXiv:2111.05254[pdf, other]
Super-luminality leads to anti-dissipation
Comments:8 pages (main text) + 3 pages (supplementary material); 3 captioned figures
arXiv:2111.05372[pdf, other]
Forming short period sub-stellar companions in 47 Tuc: I. Dynamical model and brown dwarf tidal capture rates
Comments:15 pages, 13 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2111.03503[pdf, other]
Period Change Rates in Large Magellanic Cloud Cepheids Revisited
Comments:11 pages, 6 figures. Accepted by MNRAS
arXiv:2111.03161[pdf, other]
Status of the DEAP-3600 experiment
Comments:Proceedings of 17th International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics (TAUP 2021)
arXiv:2111.03356[pdf, other]
arXiv:2111.03634[pdf, other]
The population of merging compact binaries inferred using gravitational waves through GWTC-3
arXiv:2111.03604[pdf, other]
Constraints on the cosmic expansion history from GWTC-3
Comments:Main paper: 30 pages, 15 figure, 7 tables

2021 - week 44

arXiv:2111.01600[pdf, other]
arXiv:2110.15556[pdf, other]
arXiv:2111.00223[pdf, other]

2021 - week 43

arXiv:2110.13013[pdf, other]
Modeling changing-look (CL) AGN phenomenon in 1D using accretion disk instabilities
Comments:7 pages, 5 figures, accepted for publication as part of the Special Issue featuring the "13th SCSLSA Workshop" in Astronomische Nachrichten
arXiv:2110.11677[pdf, other]
The symbiotic binary St 2-22: orbital and stellar parameters and jet evolution following its 2019 outburst
Comments:Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
arXiv:2110.12056[pdf, other]
Five years of BRITE-Constellation photometry of the luminous blue variable P Cygni: properties of the stochastic low-frequency variability
Comments:10 pages, accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2110.12758[pdf, other]
The mid-infrared environment of the stellar merger remnant V838 Monocerotis
Comments:9 pages, 11 figures
arXiv:2110.12562[pdf, other]
The Nearby Evolved Stars Survey II: Constructing a volume-limited sample and first results from the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope
Comments:20 pages, 13 figures, 5 tables, accepted for publications in MNRAS
arXiv:2110.14454[pdf, other]
Detection of periodic signals in AGN red noise light curves: empirical tests on the Auto-Correlation Function and Phase Dispersion Minimization
Comments:21 pages, 14 figures, Published in MNRAS
arXiv:2110.13901[pdf, other]
Photometric redshifts for the S-PLUS Survey: is machine learning up to the task?
Comments:49 pages, 9 figures. Accepted for publication in Astronomy and Computing. Data products are available in website
arXiv:2110.13754[pdf, other]
X-ray irradiation of three planets around Hyades star K2-136
Comments:This paper has been submitted as a proceedings article to Astronomische Nachrichten (AN) as part of the XMM-Newton 2021 Science Workshop

2021 - week 42

arXiv:2110.09834[pdf, other]
arXiv:2110.10658[pdf, other]
Geometry of radio pulsar signals: The origin of pulsation modes and nulling
Authors:J. Dyks
Comments:6 pages, 5 figures, accepted by A&A
arXiv:2110.09300[pdf, other]
The polarization of the drifting sub-pulses from PSR B1919+21
Comments:14 pages, 11 figures
arXiv:2110.09806[pdf, other]
Delta Scuti Variables
Comments:7 pages, 1 figure, Proceedings of the International Conference "Stellar Pulsation: Challenges for Observation and Theory", eds. J. A. Guzik & P. A. Bradley
arXiv:2110.08103[pdf, other]
Fluorescence of pyrene-doped polystyrene films from room temperature down to 4 K for wavelength-shifting applications
Comments:22 pages, 14 figures
arXiv:2110.09833[pdf, other]
Multimodal analysis of Gravitational Wave signals and Gamma-Ray Bursts from binary neutron star mergers
arXiv:2110.09279[pdf, other]
K2 Observations of Galactic RRd Stars
Comments:Proceedings of "Physics of Oscillating Stars" (PHOST) conference, Banyuls-sur-mer, France, 2-7 September 2018
arXiv:2110.10477[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: Membership probabilities for stars in 63 open and 7 globular clusters from 3D kinematics
Comments:Accepted version for publication in MNRAS. 16 pages + 38 pages of Appendices
arXiv:2110.10074[pdf, other]
EuCAPT White Paper: Opportunities and Challenges for Theoretical Astroparticle Physics in the Next Decade
Comments:White paper of the European Consortium for Astroparticle Theory (EuCAPT). 135 authors, 400 endorsers, 133 pages, 1382 references

2021 - week 41

arXiv:2110.05546[pdf, other]
Extending Israel and Stewart hydrodynamics to relativistic superfluids via Carter's multifluid approach
Comments:33 pages, 0 figures. Comments welcome
arXiv:2110.06432[pdf, other]
A Nuclear Equation of State Inferred from Stellar r-Process Abundances
Comments:14 pages, 7 figures
arXiv:2110.05961[pdf, other]
Orbital and physical parameters of eclipsing binaries from the ASAS catalogue -- XII. A sample of systems with $K2$ photometry
Comments:This is a pre-copyedited, author-produced PDF of an article accepted for publication in MNRAS following peer review. 23 pages, 7 figures, 9 tables. Complete versions of some tables and figures will appear with the main article as supplementary material

2021 - week 40

arXiv:2110.01561[pdf, other]
arXiv:2110.00636[pdf, other]
arXiv:2110.01658[pdf, other]
M dwarf spectral indices at moderate resolution: accurate $T_{\mathrm{eff}}$ and [Fe/H] for 178 southern stars
Comments:Accepted in MNRAS
arXiv:2110.00110[pdf, other]
Highly luminous supernovae associated with gamma-ray bursts II. The Luminous Blue Bump in the Afterglow of GRB 140506A
Comments:Submitted to A&A, 8 pages + 3 pages data table, 4 figures, 3 tables
arXiv:2109.13838[pdf, other]
GRB 160410A: the first Chemical Study of the Interstellar Medium of a Short GRB
Comments:26 pages, 19 figures. Submitted to Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (MNRAS)

2021 - week 39

arXiv:2109.12197[pdf, other]
arXiv:2109.11894[pdf, other]
arXiv:2109.12360[pdf, other]
The angular momentum structure of cosmic ray driven galactic outflows triggered by stream accretion
Comments:14 pages, 18 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2109.12124[pdf, other]
SCExAO/CHARIS Direct Imaging of A Low-Mass Companion At A Saturn-Like Separation from an Accelerating Young A7 Star
Comments:14 pages, 13 figures, Accepted for publication in AJ
arXiv:2109.10905[pdf, other]
arXiv:2109.13653[pdf, other]
A comment on the properties of the matter flow through the first Langrangian point
Comments:MNRAS, in press

2021 - week 38

2021 - week 37

arXiv:2109.06872[pdf, other]
The implications of high BH spins on the origin of BH-BH mergers
Comments:5 pages, 2 figures. Comments welcome
arXiv:2109.06819[pdf, other]
Development and characterization of a slow wavelength shifting coating for background rejection in liquid argon detectors
Comments:18 pages,10 figures, Submitted to NIMA
arXiv:2109.07329[pdf, other]
First results on RR Lyrae stars with the TESS space telescope: untangling the connections between mode content, colors and distances
Comments:35 pages, 26 figures, and a 19-page appendix. Accepted for publication in ApJS. Light curve data temporarily available:
arXiv:2109.07523[pdf, other]
The dependence of the fraction of radio luminous quasars on redshift and its theoretical implications
Comments:15 pages, 4 figures. Accepted for publication in ApJ
arXiv:2109.05890[pdf, other]

2021 - week 36

arXiv:2109.02414[pdf, other]
Levitating atmospheres around naked singularities
Comments:5 pages, no figures
arXiv:2109.04305[pdf, other]
Lopsided galactic bars
Authors:Ewa L. Lokas
Comments:12 pages, 11 figures, accepted for publication in A&A

2021 - week 34

arXiv:2108.10885[pdf, other]
The Uncertain Future of Massive Binaries Obscures the Origin of LIGO/Virgo Sources
Comments:comments welcomed
arXiv:2108.11457[pdf, other]
Black hole mergers in compact star clusters and massive black hole formation beyond the mass-gap
arXiv:2108.11858[pdf, other]
Long-term GRHMD simulation of magnetic field in isolated neutron stars
Comments:10 pages, 8 figures; To be submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2108.09405[pdf, other]
arXiv:2108.10929[pdf, other]
Jet Parameters in the Black-Hole X-Ray Binary MAXI J1820+070
Comments:ApJ, submitted, comments are welcome
arXiv:2108.11677[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO survey: Lithium abundances in open cluster Red Clump stars
Comments:Accepted for publication in A&A, 8 pages, 5 figures, tables available online and under request

2021 - week 33

arXiv:2108.08167[pdf, other]
The Missing Link? Discovery of Pulsations in the Nitrogen-rich PG 1159 Star PG 1144+005
Comments:ApJL in press, 7 pages, 2 figures, 2 tables
arXiv:2108.07145[pdf, other]
Pulsating subdwarf B stars observed with K2 during Campaign 7 and an examination of seismic group-properties
Comments:20 pages, 12 figures, 1 large table at the end. Accepted for publication in MNRAS

2021 - week 32

arXiv:2108.05447[pdf, other]
Large optical modulations during 2018 outburst of MAXI J1820+070 reveal evolution of warped accretion disc through X-ray state change
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS

2021 - week 31

arXiv:2108.01045[pdf, other]
arXiv:2108.02015[pdf, other]
arXiv:2108.00983[pdf, other]
Linear Spectropolarimetric Analysis of Fairall 9 with VLT/FORS2
Comments:22 pages, 3 tables and 14 figures. Accepted for publication in MNRAS

2021 - week 30

arXiv:2107.13796[pdf, other]
arXiv:2107.12204[pdf, other]
Discovery of multiple p-mode pulsation frequencies in the roAp star, HD 86181
arXiv:2107.13588[pdf, other]
New opportunities for axion dark matter searches in nonstandard cosmological models
arXiv:2107.12381[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: A new approach to chemically characterising young open clusters II. Abundances of the neutron-capture elements Cu, Sr, Y, Zr, Ba, La, and Ce
Comments:26 pages, 14 figures, accepted for publication in A&A

2021 - week 29

arXiv:2107.08930[pdf, other]
Testing the presence of a dormant black hole inside HR 6819
Comments:9 pages
arXiv:2107.08064[pdf, other]
Frequency analysis of Delta Scuti stars towards the Galactic bulge
Comments:15 pages, 11 figures, 5 tables, submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2107.08087[pdf, other]

2021 - week 28

arXiv:2107.04913[pdf, other]
Characterization of the seismic field at Virgo and improved estimates of Newtonian-noise suppression by recesses
Comments:This draft has been approved through LIGO and VIRGO review process
arXiv:2107.06933[pdf, other]
Regular scalar charged clouds around a Reissner-Nordstrom black hole and no-hair theorems
Comments:14 pages, 14 figures

2021 - week 27

arXiv:2107.01149[pdf, other]
Beamed emission from a neutron-star ULX in a GRRMHD simulation
Comments:9 pages, 4 figures, Submitted to ApJ Letters
arXiv:2107.03294[pdf, other]
arXiv:2107.01425[pdf, other]
arXiv:2107.01483[pdf, other]
Four 'Peculiar' RRd Stars Observed by K2
Comments:23 pages, 16 figures

2021 - week 26

arXiv:2107.00600[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.15163[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.15506[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.11614[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: Galactic evolution of lithium from iDR6
Comments:17 pages, 10 figures, 3 tables (full tables 1 and 3 only available at the CDS), accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Version 2 includes corrections from language editor

2021 - week 25

arXiv:2106.12845[pdf, other]
Influence of the crust on the neutron star macrophysical quantities and universal relations
Comments:19 pages, 12 figures, 3 tables. Accepted for publication in PRC
arXiv:2106.12947[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.11614[pdf, other]
The Gaia-ESO Survey: Galactic evolution of lithium from iDR6
Comments:17 pages, 10 figures, 3 tables (full tables 1 and 3 only available at the CDS), accepted for publication in Astronomy and Astrophysics

2021 - week 24

arXiv:2106.06405[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.07427[pdf, other]
V838 Monocerotis as seen by ALMA: a remnant of a binary merger in a triple system
Comments:A&A submitted. Comments welcome
arXiv:2106.03599[pdf, other]

2021 - week 23

arXiv:2106.02551[pdf, other]
Cross-correlation between $Planck$ CMB lensing potential and galaxy catalogues from HELP
Comments:15 pages, 14 figures, submitted to MNRAS (comments welcome)
arXiv:2106.03877[pdf, other]
Viewing angle observations and effects of evolution with redshift, black hole mass, and Eddington ratio in quasar based cosmology
Comments:13 pages, 4 figures, 2 tables, submitted to ApJ, comments are welcome
arXiv:2106.05040[pdf, other]
Heating in Magnetar Crusts from Electron Captures
Comments:24 pages, 4 figures
arXiv:2106.03773[pdf, other]
Development of very-thick transparent GEMs with wavelength-shifting capability for noble element TPCs
Comments:accepted for publication in Eur. Phys. J. C
arXiv:2106.02872[pdf, other]
Frequency analysis of OGLE-IV photometry for classical Cepheids in Galactic fields: non-radial modes and modulations
Comments:16 pages, 14 figures, Accepted in MNRAS
arXiv:2106.03008[pdf, other]
High-energy gamma-ray emission from SNR G57.2+0.8 hosting SGR J1935+2154
Comments:19 pages, 3 figures, 1 table. Comments are welcome
arXiv:2106.03621[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.05971[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.04422[pdf, other]
Cross-Correlation study between CMB lensing and galaxy surveys
Comments:6 pages, 3 figures, published in Proceedings of the Polish Astronomical Society

2021 - week 22

arXiv:2105.15184[pdf, other]
Unified Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics and the stability of relativistic theories for dissipation
Comments:30 pages, 3 figures. This review article is part of the special issue "Neutron Star Physics in the Multi-Messenger Discourse" for Frontiers Astronomy and Space Science, see
arXiv:2105.14621[pdf, other]
Thermodynamic stability implies causality
Comments:9 pages, 2 figures
arXiv:2106.00551[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.01073[pdf, other]
Progress on the calibration of surface brightness-colour relations for early- and late-type stars
Comments:18 pages Journal ref: AA/2021/40763
arXiv:2105.13382[pdf, other]
arXiv:2106.00777[pdf, other]
Evidence for Fe K$_α$ line and soft X-ray lag in NGC 7456 ULX-1
Comments:5 pages, 8 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS Letters
arXiv:2105.15137[pdf, other]
Asteroseismic analysis of variable hot subdwarf stars observed with TESS I. The mean g-mode period spacings in hot subdwarf B stars
Comments:Accepted for publication in A&A
arXiv:2105.15120[pdf, other]
Search for intermediate mass black hole binaries in the third observing run of Advanced LIGO and Advanced Virgo
Comments:Main paper: 12 pages and 2 figures; total 27 pages with appendices and 4 figures

2021 - week 21

arXiv:2105.13085[pdf, other]
arXiv:2105.11641[pdf, other]
arXiv:2105.11446[pdf, other]
arXiv:2105.11445[pdf, other]
arXiv:2105.12197[pdf, other]
Extended envelopes around Galactic Cepheids. V. Multi-wavelength and time-dependent analysis of IR excess
Comments:Accepted for publication in A&A

2021 - week 20

arXiv:2105.09294[pdf, other]
Proving the Lorentz invariance of the entropy and the covariance of thermodynamics
Comments:8 pages
arXiv:2105.08067[pdf, other]
Preparing the next gravitational million-body simulations: Evolution of single and binary stars in Nbody6++GPU, MOCCA and McLuster
Comments:29 pages, 15 figures, 5 tables, Submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2105.07003[pdf, other]
Breaching the limit: formation of GW190521-like and IMBH mergers in young massive clusters
Comments:21 pages, 10 figures, 2 tables, 3 Appendix. Comments welcome
arXiv:2105.07687[pdf, other]
Structure and dynamics of the inner nebula around the symbiotic stellar system R Aqr
Comments:17 pages. Accepted for Astronomy & Astrophysics
arXiv:2105.07455[pdf, other]
An all-sky search in early O3 LIGO data for continuous gravitational-wave signals from unknown neutron stars in binary systems
Comments:contribution to the 2021 Gravitation session of the 55th Rencontres de Moriond

2021 - week 19

arXiv:2105.04325[pdf, other]
arXiv:2105.05638[pdf, other]
On the photometric metallicity of Oosterhoff-type I and II RRab stars
Comments:10 pages, 7 figures, accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2105.03750[pdf, other]
Studies of RR Lyrae Variables in Binary Systems I.: Evidence of a Trimodal Companion Mass Distribution
Comments:Accepted for publication in the ApJ; 20 pages, 3 figures, 4 tables
arXiv:2105.04866[pdf, other]

2021 - week 18

arXiv:2105.00905[pdf, other]
Mode identification and seismic study of $δ$ Scuti, the prototype of a class of pulsating stars
Comments:accepted for publication in MNRAS, 17 pages, 13 figures, 3 tables
arXiv:2104.14908[pdf, other]
The impact of superconductivity and the Hall effect in models of magnetized neutron stars
Comments:15 pages, 11 figures. Submitted to the Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia
arXiv:2105.01074[pdf, other]
Space observations of AA Doradus provide consistent mass determinations. New HW-Vir systems observed with TESS
Comments:published in the MNRAS

2021 - week 17

arXiv:2104.14031[pdf, other]
Wave-fronts of gravitational waves partially trapped in ultra-compact stars
Comments:4 pages, 3 figures, to appear in proceedings of "Recontres de Moriond on Gravitation 2021" conference
arXiv:2104.14417[pdf, other]
arXiv:2104.13931[pdf, other]
Titans metal-poor reference stars. I. Accurate effective temperatures and surface gravities for dwarfs and subgiants from 3D non-LTE H$α$ profiles and Gaia parallaxes
Comments:Accepted in A&A
arXiv:2104.11770[pdf, other]
BRITE observations of $ν$ Centauri and $γ$ Lupi, the first non-eclipsing members of the new class of nascent binaries
Comments:15 pages, 15 figures, published in MNRAS
arXiv:2104.12894[pdf, other]
Spectral state transitions in Circinus ULX5
Comments:13 pages, 13 figures, accepted for publication in A&A
arXiv:2104.14216[pdf, other]
A near-infrared interferometric survey of debris-disk stars. VII. The hot/warm dust connection
Comments:Accepted for publication in A&A

2021 - week 16

2021 - week 16

arXiv:2104.08275[pdf, other]
SDSS-IV MaNGA: 3D spin alignment of spiral and S0 galaxies
Comments:9 pages, 5 figures, 1 table. Accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2104.09142[pdf, other]
Applying the Gibbs stability criterion to relativistic hydrodynamics
Comments:13 pages, 1 captioned figure
arXiv:2104.09533[pdf, other]

2021 - week 15

arXiv:2104.04316[pdf, other]
Hybrid Comptonization and Electron-Positron Pair Production in the Black-Hole X-Ray Binary MAXI J1820+070
Comments:submitted to ApJ, 9 pages
arXiv:2104.06218[pdf, other]
The symbiotic recurrent nova V3890 Sgr: binary parameters and pre-outburst activity
Comments:12 pages, 9 figures; accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2104.07524[pdf, other]
arXiv:2104.07634[pdf, other]

2021 - week 14

arXiv:2104.03137[pdf, other]
Gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars
Comments:To be published in "Handbook of Gravitational Wave Astronomy"; 27 pages, 5 figures
arXiv:2104.02952[pdf, other]
Modelling rebrightenings, reflares, and echoes in dwarf nova outbursts
Comments:13 pages, 11 figures. Accepted for publication in A&A

2021 - week 13

arXiv:2104.00509[pdf, other]
An energy-conserving dynamical model of GRB afterglows from magnetized forward and reverse shocks
Comments:Accepted for publication in MNRAS, 14 pages, 10 figures
arXiv:2103.14185[pdf, other]
MOCCA-SURVEY Database -- I. Tidal disruption events of white dwarfs in globular clusters and young massive clusters
Comments:11 pages, 8 figures, submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2103.17014[pdf, other]

2021 - week 12

arXiv:2103.10894[pdf, other]
The influence of metallicity on the Leavitt Law from geometrical distances of Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds Cepheids
Comments:26 pages, 9 figures. Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal
arXiv:2103.12202[pdf, other]
arXiv:2103.10436[pdf, other]
Over 10 000 Delta Scuti Stars toward the Galactic Bulge from OGLE-IV
Comments:23 pages, 19 figures, 2 tables

2021 - week 11

arXiv:2103.07688[pdf, other]
Anomaly Detection in Gravitational Waves data using Convolutional AutoEncoders
Comments:Submitted to the Machine Learning: Science and Technology; 29 pages, 18 figures
arXiv:2103.07330[pdf, other]
Multiwavelength Observations of the RV Tauri Variable System U Monocerotis: Long-Term Variability Phenomena That Can Be Explained by Binary Interactions with a Circumbinary Disk
Comments:19 pages, 9 figures, 4 tables, in aastex62 format, published in ApJ, NASA news feature available upon request. Light curve in Figure 2 available as "Data behind the Figure"
arXiv:2103.09624[pdf, other]
Expansion of bundles of light rays in the Lemaître -- Tolman models
Comments:31 pages, 26 figures

2021 - week 10

arXiv:2103.05006[pdf, other]
Ubiquitous signs of interactions in early-type galaxies with prolate rotation
Comments:16 pages, 9 figures, 1 table; accepted for publication in A&A

2021 - week 09

arXiv:2103.02026[pdf, other]
Wind-powered ultraluminous X-ray sources
Comments:13 pages, 9 figures, 2 tables, submitted to ApJ
arXiv:2103.02077[pdf, other]
The surface brightness - colour relations based on eclipsing binary stars and calibrated with Gaia EDR3
Comments:Accepted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics, 17 pages

2021 - week 08

arXiv:2102.11635[pdf, other]
A spectrally stratified hot accretion flow in the hard state of MAXI J1820+070
Comments:Submitted to MNRAS
arXiv:2102.12489[pdf, other]
Inspecting the Cepheid distance ladder: The Hubble Space Telescope distance to the SNIa host galaxy NGC 5584
Comments:Accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal on 17-Feb-2021
arXiv:2102.11302[pdf, other]
Cepheids with giant companions. I. Revealing a numerous population of double-lined binary Cepheids
Comments:12 pages, 7 figures, 3 tables, accepted for publication in ApJ
arXiv:2102.10599[pdf, other]
On the Periods and Nature of Superhumps
Authors:J. Smak
Comments:Submitted to "Acta Astronomica"

2021 - week 07

arXiv:2102.08854[pdf, other]
Detectability of continuous gravitational waves from isolated neutron stars in the Milky Way: the population synthesis approach
Comments:10 pages, submitted to A&A
arXiv:2102.09303[pdf, other]
Scaling of Magnetic Dissipation and Particle Acceleration in ABC Fields
Comments:Accepted for publication in Journal of Plasma Physics, 17 pages, 7 figures, 1 table
arXiv:2102.07811[pdf, other]
The inner flow geometry in MAXI J1820+070 during hard and hard-intermediate states
Comments:Submitted for publication in Astronomy & Astrophysics
arXiv:2102.09091[pdf, other]
Cygnus X-1 contains a 21-solar mass black hole -- implications for massive star winds
Comments:Published online in Science on 2021 February 18; Main (3 figures; 1 Table) + Supplementary (11 figures; 3 Tables)

2021 - week 06

arXiv:2102.05649[pdf, other]
The impact of common envelope development criteria on the formation of LIGO/Virgo sources
Comments:16 pages, 8 figures, submitted do A&A, comments are welcome
arXiv:2102.04244[pdf, other]
Application of space-time spectral analysis for detection of seismic waves in gravitational-wave interferometer
Comments:25 pages, 15 figures
arXiv:2102.03076[pdf, other]
Bar-like galaxies in IllustrisTNG
Authors:Ewa L. Lokas
Comments:10 pages, 8 figures, 1 table, accepted for publication in A&A
arXiv:2102.04026[pdf, other]
Discovery and timing of three millisecond pulsars in radio and gamma-rays with the GMRT and Fermi-LAT
Comments:35 pages, 8 Figures, 4 Tables, Accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal

2021 - week 05

arXiv:2101.12248[pdf, other]
arXiv:2102.00336[pdf, other]
The picture of BLR in realistic FRADO. I. Dynamics & Geometry
Comments:21 pages, 10 figures, submitted to ApJ
arXiv:2102.01717[pdf, other]
Dynamical Evolution of Multiple-Population Globular Clusters
Comments:16 pages, 19 figures. Accepted for publication in MNRAS
arXiv:2101.12734[pdf, other]
Metallicities and ages for 35 star clusters and their surrounding fields in the Small Magellanic Cloud
Comments:22 pages, 12 figures, 6 tables, Accepted for publication in A&A
arXiv:2102.01720[pdf, other]
A tidally tilted sectoral dipole pulsation mode in the eclipsing binary TIC 63328020
Comments:16 pages, 12 figures, and 8 tables
arXiv:2102.02205[pdf, other]
arXiv:2102.02460[pdf, other]
Gamma-ray Astrophysics in the MeV Range: the ASTROGAM Concept and Beyond
Comments:White Paper for the Voyage 2050 Program by ESA. Accepted for publication in "Experimental Astronomy". arXiv admin note: text overlap with arXiv:1711.01265

2021 - week 04

arXiv:2101.12130[pdf, other]
arXiv:2101.11602[pdf, other]
arXiv:2101.09888[pdf, other]
The Araucaria Project: Deep near-infrared photometric maps of Local and Sculptor Group galaxies. I. Carina, Fornax, Sculptor