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"On Cataclysmic Variables in Globular Clusters"

Diogo Belloni (NCAC, Warsaw)

Cataclysmic variables are interacting binaries composed of a white dwarf undergoing stable mass transfer from (usually) a low-mass main sequence star and they are expected to exist in non-negligible numbers in globular clusters that are natural laboratories for testing theories of stellar dynamics and evolution. I will present the main aspects related to our understanding regarding the population of cataclysmic variables in globular clusters from two points of view: numerical simulation and observations. I will conclude by summarizing some key procedures associated with the fate of the research in such a field, including the role of our group in the process.

"New Scenario for IMBH Formation in Star Clusters - Tidal Disruption Events"

Mirosław Giersz (NCAC, Warsaw)

"Close binary central stars of planetary nebulae"

Brent Miszalski (SAAO, SA)

Planetary Nebulae (PNe) are a brief phase in the lives of low to intermediate mass stars where the atmosphere of an asymptotic giant branch star is ejected and ionised by the hot leftover core that eventually becomes a white dwarf. They appear in an extremely wide variety of shapes, but exactly how they are shaped into such a diverse range of morphologies is still highly uncertain despite over thirty years of vigorous debate. Binaries have long been thought to offer a solution to this vexing problem, but only now we are beginning to understand the important role that a binary channel, in particular common-envelope (CE) evolution, plays in the formation of a large fraction of PNe. I'll give an overview of results in this area and show how binary central stars are connected to many other aspects of stellar astrophysics. An important corollary of this work has been the much improved understanding of jets in PNe. I'll conclude the talk with highlights of results from observations with the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) aimed at discovering more unusual binary central stars.


David Jones (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias)


Paweł Pietrukowicz (Astronomical Observatory, Warsaw University)


Tomasz Bulik (Astronomical Observatory, Warsaw University)


Benoit Famaey (Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg)


M.Ali Alpar (Sabanci University, Istanbul)