Shell access to CAMK

The main way to access CAMK computers is using the address Using any unix machine, one can access CAMK using:


Currently the use of passwords are discuraged.

Generating ssh keys

Generating ssh keys depend on the operating system. With unix-based system (Linux or Mac), it is as easy as two commands:


Please, do not generate keys with empty passphrases

On Windows, using ssh requires installing the generator. There is detailed instruction. Once the key is generated, you can manually add it to the text file /home/camkuser/.ssh/authorized_keys or ask CAMK administrators for help.

Security considerations

Using passwords to access CAMK network is strongly discouraged. Passwords are simply unsafe. Having said that, using the ssh keys without passwords is even worse! Once the key is stolen, one can easily use it. If you suspect your keys are stolen (for instance as installed on stolen laptop), please tell us immediately.