The ATHENA X-ray observatory

You are currently visiting the Polish website for the ATHENA mission. ATHENA is the new generation X-ray telescopes which has been accepted by European Space Agency as a large mission with a launch foreseen in 2028.

For many years, Polish engineers are building different satellite components. We have been invited by researchers from Max Planck Institute to participate in the design and construction of WFI/ATHENA detector. Also French Space Agency has been invited us to make elements of X-IFU/ATHENA instrument.

Polish participation in the preparation of the satellite is extremely important. ATHENA science covers all important topics of modern high energy astrophysics. The implementation of ATHENA for launch in 2028 will guarantee a transformation in our understanding of the Hot and Energetic Universe, and establish European leadership in high-energy astrophysics for the foreseeable future.

To read more about the ATHENA telescope please see the ATHENA official website: