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Numerical simulations with PLUTO code

by Dr. Miljenko Cemeljic   Abstract: Aim of the lectures is to guide attendants to active … więcej Numerical simulations with PLUTO code»

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The utmost beauty of geometry: pulsars

by Prof. Jarosław Dyks (CAMK)   The lecture's subject is the radiative pulsar astrophysics. Pulsars are … więcej The utmost beauty of geometry: pulsars»

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Gravitational Waves

by prof. Michał Bejger (CAMK)   During the last five years we have witnessed an onset … więcej Gravitational Waves»

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Accretion processes in astrophysics

by prof. Bożena Czerny (CFT)   Aim of the lecture: Accretion provides the energy for the … więcej Accretion processes in astrophysics»

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Cosmic Distance Scale

by prof. Grzegorz Pietrzyński (CAMK) Since ancient observations to present day astrophysics, distance determination has been … więcej Cosmic Distance Scale»

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Neutron Stars

Brynmor Haskell

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Statistics of Astronomical Time Series

Aleksander Schwarzenberg-Czerny   Abstract    

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Active Galactic Nuclei

Marek Sikora   Abstract    

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