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PhD opportunities at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center

Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center invites applications for PhD studies in astronomy and astrophysics leading to a PhD degree. The subject of research are related to the OPUS 9 projects funded by Polish National Science Centre (NCN) “Quasar main sequence” (Project PI/Thesis supervisor: professor Bozena Czerny;;


Plan of reaserch:


Quasar properties are well characterized by a single parameter of unknown physical nature, derived from the Principal Component Analysis. The project aims to consider a new hypothesis for the the driver behind the Quasar Main Sequence of type 1 objects: a maximum of the temperature in the multi-temperature accretion disk surrounding the central black hole. This hypothesis will be tested by comparing the theoretical expectations for the emission line properties of quasars with the properties of the quasar samples. The numerical computations will be performed with the code CLOUDY.


Applications should be prepared following guidelines in the CAMK PhD studies webpage ( The positions will be fully funded by the NCN grant, including a stipend and research funds. Candidates should contact the grant PI's to discuss the details of the research topics.


Applications should be sent in pdf format to The deadline is 9 October 2016.