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Konkurs o stypendium w dziedzinie astrosejsmologii


Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw, Poland, invites applications for student scholarships funded by the Polish National Science Center. The successful applicants will collaborate with Prof. Gerald Handler on the project "The causes of hot-star variability".  Up to four scholarships will be awarded. The students will analyse photometric and spectroscopic data of hot pulsating main sequence stars, variable hot supergiant stars, and variable and pulsating central stars of Planetary Nebulae and pre-white dwarf stars. The goal of the project is to understand the physical processes that cause the variability of those, and in the end all hot, stars better. The underlying data are available or will be obtained from ground-based telescopes as well as the BRITE-Constellation and the TESS space missions.

The main requirement for these positions is the possession of a valid:

  • MSc degree in astronomy (or physics, mathematics or engineering), in the case of three scholarship subjects,
  • BSc degree in astronomy (or physics or mathematics) in the case of the fourth one.

A good knowledge of the English language, and possible experience with this kind of research will be an advantage.

The applicants should provide a CV, a list of marks for the lectures and courses taken, information about scientific achievements (publications, awards and scholarships, participation in scientific conferences, workshops and research programs), and a short letter of motivation.

Application should be sent in pdf form to Enquiries about the studentships can also be addressed to

Deadline for applications is 10 October 2016.