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Workshop on: "High-Resolution Submillimeter Spectroscopy of the Interstellar Medium and Star Forming Regions — From Herschel to ALMA and Beyond"

Zakopane, May 12-16, 2015

3-day workshop on the high-resolution submilimeter spectroscopy of the interstellar medium.

The Herschel Space Observatory provided extraordinary spectroscopic opportunities in the 55–670 μm wavelength range. Unbiased spectral line surveys have been carried out in a sample of representative sources, providing a complete molecular inventory of star-forming regions. Interstellar hydrides, the basic building blocks of astrochemistry, which have their fundamental rotational transitions in the submillimeter, have been studied in absorption against bright background dust continuum sources. While the Herschel cryogenic mission has ended, the wealth of the data collected, in particular in the context of open time programs, is only now being explored.

The Zakopane workshop will bring together scientists involved in the Herschel guaranteed and open time programs do discuss the latest spectroscopic results and prospects for continuing these studies with the current ground-based an airborne facilities, specifically NOEMA, ALMA and SOFIA. Although many of the submillimeter frequencies are no longer accessible in the local Universe after the end of the Herschel mission, ALMA opens unparalleled opportunities for carrying out similar studies in high-redshift galaxies.

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