Michał Różyczka

Michał Różyczka's photo

Degree: Professor

Position: Professor Emeritus

Division: Astrophysics II (Warsaw)

ORCID: 0000-0002-4195-0139



E-mail: mnr@camk.edu.pl

My main scientific interests:

I spent most of my career working on simulations of gasodynamical processes in various astronomical objects (protostellar collapse, stellar winds, supernova explosions, supernova remnants, collisions of interstellar clouds, dynamics of disks in cataclysmic variables, dynamics of protoplanetary disks, planet formation in protoplanetary disks). A few years ago I found that the real universe is even more interesting than the virtual one, and since then I have been working on binary systems in globular clusters, analysing light- and velocity curves, and finding basic stellar parameters.


    • public outreach: I have written several hundred popular science articles; significant part of them as editor of, or freelance contributor to, major Polish pop-science magazines Wiedza i Życie and Świat Nauki (Polish edition of Scientific American). I am also a freelance contributor to the science column of the Polish weekly Polityka.