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Programme (13 Oct 2006)

Wednesday October 4
9:00--10:00Tim DonaghyHETE
11:00--11:30Coffee break
11:30--12:30J. NousekSWIFT
14:00--14:30G. PojmańskiASAS
14:30--15:00L. MankiewiczPi of the sky
15:00--15:30S. SchanneEclair
15:30--16:00Paolo GoldoniGRB Afterglow Spectroscopy with the future VLT instrument X-shooter
16:00--16:30Coffee break
16:30--17:30M. DenisIBIS/Integral off-axis GRBs spectral analysis
17:30--18:00R. MarcinkowskiIBIS/Integral Compton mode imaging analysis
Thursday October 5
9:00--10:00R. MochkovitchThe internal shock model for the prompt emission of GRBs: success and problems
10:00--11:00F. DaigneThe redshift distribution of SWIFT GRBs: evidence for evolution
11:00--11:30Coffee break
11:30--12:30J. DyksModelling of early X-ray emission from gamma-ray bursts
14:00--14:30B. CzernyPuzzling anisotropy in the distribution of Very Short Bursts
14:30--15:30J.L. AtteiaDistance indicators
15:30--16:00W. HajdasRHESSI and future measurements of GRB polarization
Friday October 6
9:30--10:00Coffee break
10:00--10:30A. PelangeonA www redshift estimation tool
10:30--11:00T.BulikPopulation III GRBs
11:30--12:30K.BelczyńskiBinary progenitors of short GRBs
12:30--13:00W. KluźniakRemarks on the redshift distribution of gamma-ray bursts

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