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Simbol X
Workshop programme (17 Apr 2012)
Wednesday 28 January 2009

14.30 (30 min) Rodolphe Cledassou presentation of CNES
15.00 (30 min) Philippe Ferrando "Simbol-X mission overview"
16.30 (30 min) Piotr Orleanski "SRC PAS: summary of space heritage"

16.00 coffee break and discussion

16.30 (60 min) Rodolphe Cledassou "SIMBOL-X Mission & System description"
17.30 (20 min) Jean-Pierre Roques "Telescope Simulations"

17.50 (10 min) Miroslaw Denis "IBISSIM - simulation software of IBIS/INTEGRAL telescope"

19.00 Conference dinner

Thursday 29 January 2009

Instrumental session:

9.30 (30 min) Pierre Bodin "SIMBOL-X Detector Payload description "
10.00 (30 min) CNES "SIMBOL-X Mirror Module description"
10.30 (20 min) Philippe Laurent "Scientific aspects of the detection payload"
10.50 (20 min) Andrea Goldwurm "The Scientific Ground Segment"

11.10 coffee break

11.40 ( approx. 1.5 hour) Visit in CBK

14.30 (20 min) Szymon Gburek "Experience of Wroclaw Team in Construction of Solar X-ray Instruments and Data Analysis"
14.50 (15 min) Piotr Orleanski "Possible cooperation in space electronics"
15.05 (15 min) Jurek Grygorczuk "Space mechanisms and structures"
15.20 (15 min) Karol Seweryn "Thermal and structural analysis of space instrument and systems"
15.35 (10 min) Malgosia Michalska "Flight software"
15.45 (10 min) Romek Wawrzaszek "Satellite formation flight - control and analysis"

16.00 coffee break

Presentation of CAMK, How to use observations from Simbol X

16.30 (20 min) Bozena Czerny "X-ray observations of AGN"
16.50 (20 min) Pawel Haensel "Neutron stars in X-rays"
17.10 (20 min) Rafal Moderski "Multiwavelength observations of blazars"
17.30 (20 min) Andrzej Zdziarski "X-ray variability and correlations in black-hole binaries"

18.00 discussion end of the session

Friday 30 January 2009

9.30 What Polish researchers from CBK can make for Simbol X final discussion, end of the session.
11.00 coffee break
11.30 How to get money for Simbol X (only for several people interested in this issue)

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