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Planetary nebulae near and far
Workshop schedule (16 Jan 2009)

Monday 25
9-9h40Christophe MorissetA full (stellar and nebular) model for the PN IC418
9h40-10h20Agata KarskaInfrared photometry of Milky Way PNe
10h20-11hGrazyna StasinskaExtragalactic planetary nebulae and HII regions: the case of the galaxy NGC 3109
Tuesday 26
9-9h40Sergio Simon-Diazteps towards probing the ionizing fluxes of massive stars using HII regions
9h40-10h20Natasza SiodmakHST observations of proto-planetary nebulae
10h20-11hValentina LuridianaThe role of Lyman continuum pumping in ionized nebulae
Wednesday 27
9-9h40Marcin HajdukThe planetary nebula M 2-29: an occultation event in the nucleus
9h40-10h20Krzysztof GesickiThe planetary nebula M 2-29: unusual structure and kinematics
10h20-11hNatalia Vale AsariThe SEAGAL Project (Semi-Empirical Analysis of Galaxies)
Thursday 28
9-9h40Mirek SchmidtCircumstellar shells around carbon stars: an introduction
9h40-10h20Marta PuleckaThermal structure of circumstellar shells around carbon stars
10h20-11hMatthias SteffenModeling the evolution of Planetary Nebulae (I)
20h...public talk by Grazyna Stasinska on "Why are stars important to us?" (in Polish)followed by observation of the night sky (weather permitting)
Friday 29
9-9h40Sergio Simon-DiazThe chemical composition of the Orion star forming region: stars, gas, and dust
9h40-10h20Ralf NapiwotzkiSBS 1150+599A and Nova Vul: Two weired close binary central stars
10h20-11hMatthias SteffenModeling the evolution of Planetary Nebulae (II)
Monday 1
9-9h40Grazyna StasinskaCan retired galaxies mimic active galaxies? (or when planetary nebulae meet the physics of galaxies)
9h40-10h20Natalia Vale AsariThe mass-metalicity relation in the SDSS revisited
10h20-11hChristophe Morisset3MdB, the Mexican Million Models Database
Tuesday 2
9-9h40Ryszard SzczerbaPAHs in the envelopes of evolved stars and in the ISM
9h40-10h20Ralf NapiwotzkiGalactic populations of white dwarfs and post-AGB stars
10h20-11hMiguel CervinoProbabilistic paradigm in the interpretation of the integrated light of stellar systems
Wednesday 3
9-12hInformal presentations of work achieved during the workshop

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