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Planetary nebulae near and far
Compact Stars: structure, dynamics, and gravitational waves
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Physics of Warm Absorber in AGN
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Physical and chemical aspects of late stages of stellar evolution
The local universe: from dwarf galaxies to galaxy clusters
Extrasolar planets in multi-body systems: theory and observations
From the land of salt to the heavens of SALT
Evolution and chemistry of symbiotic stars, binary post-AGB and related objects
Planetary Nebulae as astronomical tools
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The European Laboratory "Astronomie Pologne-France" (LEA Astro-PF) is a structure emanating from the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS, France) associated to the Obervatoire de Paris and from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW, Poland). Its aim is to favour the development of scientific collaborations between Poland and France in the field of Astronomy.

The scientific programme of the LEA Astro-PF comprises a variety of topics linked to:

• galaxies and cosmology,
• high energy astrophysics,
• stellar interiors,
• planetary nebulae and interstellar matter,
• dense matter, compact stars and gravitational radiation,
• heliosphere and astrospheres,
• exoplanets.

The main activities of the LEA are short-term exchange of researchers bewteen Poland and France, help for PhD student to complete their formation in the partner country, and annual workshops on specific topics.

The Astro-PF collaboration also takes part in the sponsorship of conferences organized jointly by the polish and french side.

The LEA also has a social dimension, contributing to exchange of views between two different European cultures.

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