The FERO Project

We invite you to the 7th meeting of the FERO series. The FERO project was founded in February 2008 when the first meeting was held at the European Space Astronomy Center nearby Madrid. Since then, the FERO collaboration have been conducting a systematic search for the presence of relativistic features in the X-ray spectra of nearby, bright Seyfert galaxies in order to study the global properties of accretion flows in the strong relativistic regime. The FERO research combines the high-quality X-ray satellite data with the state-of-the-art models.

Organization of the 7th FERO Meeting was possible thanks to the funding from HECOLS.

The deadline for registration is May 15, 2014.


Do not hesitate to contact us with questions about the meeting: Agata Rozanska (Organizer, general issues), Malgosia Sobolewska (webpage and registration issues).

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