Amedeo Romagnolo

Amedeo Romagnolo's photo

Degree: Master degree

Division: Astrophysics II (Warsaw)

ORCID: 0000-0001-9583-4339




Amedeo Romagnolo is a Ph.D. student at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (CAMK) in Warsaw a scholar at the Geoplanet Doctoral School.

His supervisors are Prof. Krzysztof Belczynski (CAMK) and Dr. Jakub Klencki (ESO).

His main research topic regards the theoretical and computational aspects of the evolution of massive stars and binaries to study the populations of gravitational wave sources, like binary black holes and neutron stars.

Outside his Ph.D. he is part of the French Astrobiology Society. He is part of the LIFE space mission, works on the theoretical and computational research of life on exoplanets and he’s deeply involved in science communication. He is also a consultant for science fiction and co-author of the sci-fi book 'Life Beyond Us' (collaboration with the European Astrobiology Institute).

Research interests
  • isolated binary evolution,
  • massive stars structure and evolution,
  • black holes,
  • neutron stars,
  • gravitational wave sources.

Degrees and Titles
  • 2019: Master’s degree in Space Sciences, University of Liege (Belgium),
  • 2017: Bachelor’s degree in Physics, University of Torino (Italy).

  1. Proud member of the polyamory community.
  2. He was involved during his bachelor years in the ozone layer monitoring research.
  3. He has worked at the Royal Observatory of Belgium on the JUICE space mission and on the climate analysis of Venus and Mars.
  4. He has worked as a research assistant under the 2020 Nobel prize winning Reinhard Genzel at the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics. His research regarded the interferometric observations of the Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the centre of our galaxy.
  5. His activities range from scuba diving to climbing, from cooking to lyrical singing.