Locations and Directions (15 Nov 2007)

• Nicolaus Copernicus Center (Centrum Astronomiczne im. M. Kopernika),
Bartycka 18 - see on Google MAPS
• Hotel Belwederski, Sulkiewicza 11 - see on Google MAPS

To get from the airport to either Hotel Belwederski or Copernicus Center use a taxi. The distance is approx. 10km, and the ride should cost about 30 Polish zlotys (10EUR) - 50% more on Sunday. Exchange money at the airport.

Hotel Belwederski
To get from the hotel to Copernicus Center you can use a taxi. This is a short ride of about 10min, and a cost of about 15 zlotys. An adventurer can use a bus. The bus stop to the Copernicus Center is indicated by green sign on the map. The bus number is 167, and it goes to "SANKTUARIUM" direction (this is indicated on the front display next to the bus number). You should get off at "FIGOWA" bus stop (6th stop). Copernicus Center is located on the other side of the street. To ride a bus you need a ticket. Ticket can be purchased from the bus driver for 3 zlotys. You have also to validate a ticket in the big yellow box on the bus.

Copernicus Center
To get from the Center to Hotel Belwederski use a taxi. Or you can use bus no. 167 to the direction of "CHOMICZOWKA". You have to get off at the bus stop next to Hyatt Hotel (the bus stop is indicated by the red symbol on the map). On how to ride a bus read above.