Programme (15 Nov 2007)

Monday Nov. 19, PM : Reduction of data and event reconstruction
(chairman: Michał Ostrowski)
14:00Principles of atmospheric Cherenkov gamma-ray detection (Bernard Degrange)
14:30General software organization in France (Agnieszka Jacholkowska)
15:00Paris calibration procedures (Mathieu de Naurois)
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Run quality and run selection (Bruno Khelifi)
16:30Hillas, Model and 3D event reconsructions (Mathieu de Naurois)
17:00X-ray vs Cherenkov gamma-ray data analysis (Yves Gallant)
Tuesday Nov. 20, AM : Data analysis
(chairman: Agnieszka Jacholkowska)
9:00Background estimation methods (Arache Djannati-Atai)
9:30Spectral reconstruction methods (Santiago Pita)
10:00Coffee break
10:30Paris analysis chain and developments (Mathieu de Naurois)
11:15HAP status and prospects (Djannati-Atai / Khelifi / Pita)
12:00Future plans for HESS2 (Andreas Zech / Emmanuel Moulin)
12:30Lunch break
14:00Studying the hardness maps in HESS data (M. Dyrda, MPIK & IFJ)
Tuesday Nov. 20, PM : Theoretical interpretation
(chairman: Yves Gallant)
14:20Fermi I and II acceleration (M. Ostrowski, UJ)
15:00Hadronic processes in SNR (J. Niemiec, IFJ)
15:30Coffee break
16:00High energy emission of pulsars (J. Dyks, CAMK)
16:30X-ray binaries as sources of high energy emission (A. Zdziarski, CAMK)
17:00Extragalactic sources - SSC models (K. Katarzynski, TCfA)
17:30Extragalactic sources - IC models (M. Sikora, CAMK)
19:00Conference dinner
Wednesday Nov. 21: Data analysis, practicalities and discussion
(chairman: Tomek Bulik)
9:00Micro-DSTs : usage and prospects (Nukri Komin)
9:30Studies with event-by-event analyses (Giovanni Lamanna)
10:00Organisation of our collaboration on analysis projects
11:00Coffee break
11:30Practical examples with software librarians, questions of new users
13:00End of workshop