Abstract of the workshop (15 Sep 2005)

Main subject of the meeting is devoted to the physics of warm absorber in active galactic nuclei (AGN). The warm absorber became a hot topic since the new generations of X-ray satellites (Chandra XMM-Newton) came into use. We see great amount of absorption and emission lines in 90% of AGN. The resolution of satellites allows us to determine line profiles and so on velocities of absorbing matter, which is most probably outflowing. However, the estimates of the outflow rate, the cause of this outflow and its geometry are highly uncertain since they are model-dependent. Some estimates suggest that the amount of outflow is comparable to the total accretion rate so the phenomenon is essential for our understanding of the AGN activity. We plan to discuss physical conditions and origin of the warm absorber in different types of AGN. We will compare the results of various approaches to modelling the warm absorber, make a list of issues to be solved, and we will discuss the most effective approach to data analysis which would help to constrain the models.