Qiang Chen

Qiang Chen's photo

Degree: Master degree

Division: Astrophysics II (Warsaw)

ORCID: 0000-0002-0547-1544

Office: 14C

Phone: +48 223296165

E-mail: chen@camk.edu.pl

Private e-mail: qchen.astro@gmail.com

Qiang Chen [陳強] is a Ph.D. candidate at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center (CAMK) in Warsaw.

His doctoral work is supervised by Prof. Krzysztof Nalewajko.

The topic of his dissertation, currently in the process of writing, is related to the particle acceleration mechanisms in the high energy astrophysics, i.e. through GRB shocks and magnetic reconnections.

The results of his main projects are presented in the following papers: "Scaling of magnetic dissipation and particle acceleration in ABC fields" (DOI: 10.1017/S0022377821000209); "An energy-conserving dynamical model of GRB afterglows from magnetized forward and reverse shocks" (DOI: 10.1093/mnras/stab946); and "Kinetic simulations of relativistic magnetostatic equilibria in electron-ion plasma" (in prep.).

From 2021, he has been working at the Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microfusion (IPPLM) as a research assistant.

Research interests
  • magnetic reconnection,
  • particle in cell simulations,
  • GRB afterglow,
  • high energy astrophysics,
  • nuclear fusion,
  • tokamak,
  • gamma-ray spectroscopy,
  • neutronics.

Titles and degrees
  • 2017: Master of Natural Science in Theoretical Physics, Sichuan University (China),
  • 2013: Bachelor of Science, Taishan University (China).

Other information / curiosities
  1. He comes from a small town Yedian [野店] in Shandong, China.
  2. Some great stories related to his hometown: Home of Mephibosheth [觅非拔舍之家]; Song of the wilderness (trailer) [旷野之歌(预告)].
  3. Personal interests: Christian fellowship or home church, i.e. Na poddaszu; Bible and literature; hymns and instruments; mushroom picking.
  4. If you have difficulty in pronouncing 'Qiang' (should sound a bit similar to 'John'), you're always welcome to call him by surname - Chen.