Angelika Sobolewska

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Degree: Master degree

Functions: Hr And Communication Specialist

Division: Astrophysics II (Warsaw)

Office: 1

Phone: +48 223296154


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I have been working at our institute since May 2023 (Employee Specialist). Thanks to this position, I was able to get to know the employees and the functioning of CAMK from the inside.

In my work as a HR business Partner, I combine several elements necessary for the overall success of the employer. I put emphasis on cooperation with business, openness to employee needs and company development. I specializes in broadly understood emotional intelligence, neurodiversity, business psychology and its impact on the employee - workplace - effects correlation.

From January 2024, I took up my current position in which I am responsible for:

- activities within the scope of the function of the spokesman for employee and doctoral matters, including monitoring and reporting of "employee well-being"
- organizing and monitoring procedures related to counteracting exclusion and inequalities, including ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities - within the accessibility unit, gender equality strategy, HR Strategy for Researchers, etc.
- organization of training
- coordinating and preparing applications for financing activities in the field of human resources management
- preparing, implementing, carrying out and monitoring HR procedures as part of management control
- communication regarding personnel changes
- creation and implementation of the Center's promotional strategy;
- coordination of the development and implementation of the Center's Visual Identification System;
- Maintaining the Center's current social media profiles in English and Polish;
- preparing and publishing texts and other information and promotional materials on social media and on the Center's website in cooperation with academic staff;
- cooperation with the media, the Communication Office of the Polish Academy of Sciences and other institutions in the promotion and popularization of science;
- cooperation with suppliers of services and materials for the Center's promotional activities;
- participation in the implementation and organization of events with the participation of the Center, including the organization of popularization events at conferences and symposia organized by the Center (e.g. popular science lecture, exhibition);
- coordinating the Center's participation in events popularizing science;
- coordinating and preparing applications for financing activities in the field of popularization and promotion of science;
- active search for opportunities and proposing activities to popularize the institute's activities.

In any of the above matters, please contact me!

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