For those using various grids there are some tools installed on psk.



Create a proxy with VOMS extensions. It is recommended over grid-proxy-init , actually without -voms option it creates the same plain proxy file.

Related commands: voms-proxy-destroy, voms-proxy-info


Login to remote grid sites using GSI credentials. Typical usage:


Related commands: gsiscp, gsisftp, gsislogin


Command line client to the iRODS data grid. iRODS is the core of Astro-data service within AstroGrid-PL. Availe commands include standard unix counterparts: ils, icp, imv, irsync.

Full description of available icommands.

To use with CAMK zone please create file ~/.irods/.irodsEnv :

irodsPort 1247
irodsUserName <your_irods name_eg_plgpci>
irodsZone CAMKWwaZone
#irodsZone PLGCyfZone
irodsAuthScheme GSI

(#-lines are alternatives for Cyfronet zone). Then generate proxy, voms-proxy-init.

ils should display your home directory in the selected zone.


A simple, platform independent application providing transparent access to applications installed at PL-Grid resources and made available via  QosCosGrid services. In particular it's a nice tool for grid beginners. Supported applications include: bash, Mathematica, Matlab, R language...

For more information please read qcg-icon webpage.